Sign Me Up For The Christian Jubilee

She had two kids already through Caesarian Section, now she’s expecting twins.

Society asserts that a real mother have babies via “oju ogun” as in ogun the god of iron.

So she has got to prove to the world that she is a real mother in quote “prove to another human being”

So off she hopped to the pastor for divine support, yeah right you guessed right, pastor with spiritually anointed eyes rebuked the spirit of Caesarian one time…..boom.

Now God has taken it personal, gospel according to pastor. Thus says the Lord, thou shall stop all antenatals and report to the church for prayer sessions henceforth, then report to church on d-day.

Sista refuted all medical cum common sense logic in order to hearken unto the voice of the Lord.

On d-day, after several hours in labour with intense prayers by prayer warriors, the spirit of the Lord now states that she can be taken to the hospital….yes the Lord changed his/her mind…..well that’s what pastor n prayer warriors said.

The short story is that twins didn’t make it outta the hospital gates in twin carseat, but in body bags…..n so did Mama.