The Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Gaylord-Pickens Museum are governed by a board of directors representative of the state of Oklahoma.

In addition to its primary governing board, the organization and museum also have a Teen Board, made up of high school students and responsible for raising education funds, and a Second Century Board, made up of young professionals.

Chairmen’s Council

Calvin J. Anthony, Stillwater

Nevyle R. Cable, Jenks

Pat Henry, Lawton

Glen D. Johnson, Oklahoma City

Roxana Lorton, Tulsa

Tom J. McDaniel, Oklahoma City

Joe P. Moran III, Tulsa

Mark A. Stansberry, Edmond

Lee Allan Smith, Oklahoma City


Dewey F. Bartlett, Jr., Tulsa

Barbara Braught, Duncan

Bob Burke, Oklahoma City

Ann L. Caine, Oklahoma City

Stan Clark, Stillwater

Jodi Cline, Ponca city

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City has spent decades as a leader in the oil and gas industry. He has excelled in roles such as owner and chief executive officer of Mekusukey Oil, Co., and senior vice president and general counsel of Devon Energy, Corp., in Oklahoma City. In 2018, Duke Ligon was appointed by Governor Mary Falin to the board of directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society.

The Oklahoma Historical Society’s History Center is a 215,000-square-foot facility that maintains a range of online and in-person educational resources for teachers and students. However, the facility is just one of many museums…

Oklahoma City native Duke Ligon has enjoyed a lengthy career as a leader in the energy sector, holding positions such as general counsel and senior vice president with Devon Energy. He is also the founder of Mekusukey Oil Company. As an energy executive, Duke Ligon oversees a number of oil assets throughout the nation, including both producing and non-producing assets.

According to the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA), United States oil production, which includes not only crude oil but all biofuels and petroleum liquids, has remained relatively stable over the last few years, with America producing more oil than…

Currently based in Oklahoma City, successful energy lawyer Duke Ligon serves as both manager and owner of Mekusukey Oil Company. In addition to his experience in high-level energy policy (which dates back nearly 50 years to the mid-1970s), Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City has extensive knowledge of the natural gas, mining, mineral, and electric power industries, is experienced with environmental law, and is knowledgeable in alternative energy strategies, such as cogeneration.

Cogeneration, also known as “combined heat and power,” is a technique that is used to generate both heat and electricity simultaneously. Currently, cogeneration is used to supply approximately 15…

Based in Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon has held leadership positions in the energy sector for more than five decades. The principal owner and chief executive officer of Mekusukey Oil Company in Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon has also filled a variety of federal positions with the Federal Energy Administration.

Energy efficiency represents both financial savings for residential and commercial properties and a simple, direct way to offset the issues of climate change and air quality. …

Oklahoma City entrepreneur Duke Ligon has worked as an attorney for many years, while also serving as president and CEO of his business Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC. Established more than 40 years ago, Duke Ligon’s business is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States with a focus on managing and acquiring mineral resources. In addition to his work with Mekusukey Oil Company, Mr. Ligon has also worked as a strategic advisor for Oklahoma City-based business Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc. and as executive director for Love’s Entrepreneurial Center located at Oklahoma City University.


A native of Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon is an energy executive who has served as senior vice president and general counsel to Devon Energy, also based in Oklahoma City. The founder of Mekusukey Oil Company, Duke Ligon controls a portfolio of oil producing and non-producing assets spread across the United States. His company is one of the largest private oil players in the country, contributing to the country’s dominance in the global oil industry.

The United States is the world’s largest oil producer, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). In 2019, out of the approximately 100…

Based in Oklahoma City, Duke Ligon has 50 years of experience as a leader in the energy sector, including serving as senior vice president and general counsel to Devon Energy in Oklahoma City. As manager of Mekuskey Oil Company, which he founded in 1970, Duke Ligon draws on extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions in the energy field.

During Mr. Ligon’s tenure with Devon Energy, industry mergers and acquisitions flirted with the levels that reshaped the global markets throughout the early to mid-1980s. Some of the mega transactions that defined that period in the industry included mergers of Stand Oil…

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City is an expert in energy policy and investments. Currently the owner and manager of Mekusukey Oil Company, Duke Ligon also has served as a military intelligence analyst. For his service, he earned a Bronze Star Medal.

The history of the Bronze Star medal traces back to the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. At the end of World War II, a general sent President Roosevelt a memo highlighting the need to boost morale for an infantry that led “miserable lives of extreme discomfort…in personal combat with the enemy.”

In response, President Roosevelt signed an executive order allowing…

An Oklahoma City-based businessman, Duke Ligon founded and manages Mekusukey Oil Company, LLC. Beyond leading the Oklahoma City business, Duke Ligon serves as a co-chair of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business (KBH Energy Center).

According to a KBH Energy Center report, recent technological advances in the field of renewable electricity generation are helping to make this source of clean energy economically viable. Electricity production from renewable sources is projected to increase 72 percent worldwide between 2013 and 2040, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

In the United States, renewable electricity generation is estimated to…

Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City

Over the course of his career, Duke Ligon of Oklahoma City has held many positions that focused on energy policy and energy law.

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