Good Times in L.A.

So I’m going to be honest here, the thought of going to L.A. was a little scary, then you add on towing a 16 foot trailer in L.A. traffic, your rather expensive bicycles being out for grabs and it got scarier. That being said, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to see my best friend Erick, so to West Hollywood we went! We were driving in late at night on a Friday and the traffic was not so fun. I found a big ole’ semi truck and stayed right behind him. Oddly it felt safe and comforting to drive behind; like my own little escort. Then of course, some jackhole took advantage of the little space I had given us between the truck and they slid right in! So yes, L.A. traffic does stink and it is dangerous. Thankfully we parked our rig close to Erick and David’s and didn’t drive it again until we left for Sequoia.

Erick & David happened to rescue an adorable puppy about a month before we visited. Reptar is his name, cuteness is his game. I won’t try to explain what he looks like because I can’t do his amazing looks justice, so here he is. Introducing Reptar…

Reptar (A blue pit dachshund hound mix)

Not too far from Erick and David’s apartment is Runyon Canyon. We walked the dogs up there Saturday afternoon. The amount of people hiking Runyon put the national parks numbers to shame! There were tons of people and dogs! Oh yes and one kid walking a bunny. It was interesting hiking along with so many others. By this time we had hiked several canyons and countless trails, all leading to unique scenic lookouts. Reaching the top of this canyon brought unique to a whole new level. The view from atop Runyon was much different than everything else we had seen on this trip. It was a great way to see the city. L.A. is like it’s own state. It just goes on and on. It’s footprint is much different from Chicago’s.

Ryan, Chels, Erick, David, Reptar & Duke @ Runyon Canyon L.A.

After our hike we grabbed a bite to eat at a spot around the corner from Erick and David’s called Vintage Enoteca. They had a hotdog & beer special going for the afternoon so we sat out on the patio with the pups and enjoyed some dogs and ginger beers ☺The owner was a lovely woman who was totally meant to be in the hospitality business. She took really great care of us! Check it out if you’re ever in West Hollywood.

Vintage Enoteca
Ryan, Reptar & Duke

L.A. turned out to be a two-fer-one ole’ friend special! We got a hold of our friends Phil & Greer who live in Venice Beach and checked out their part of town. Their place is sandwiched between the ocean and the canal. We walked up the canal and saw some beautiful homes and gardens.

Venice Canals Walkway
Garden I really liked on the canal.

Phil and Greer took us to this amazing Chinese food restaurant, Mao’s Kicthen. It was the best Chinese food I can ever remember eating. The leftovers fed us for 2 days! The prices were super fair too AND it’s a BYOB which makes it that much better. Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself in Venice Beach someday. It also just so happened that Katie Hollerbach was visiting at the same time!

Greer, Phil, Katie and Erick

Sunday we took Sunset Boulevard all the way west until we hit the ocean. Holy smokes was that a cool drive. The houses we saw were unreal. I mean some of them seriously didn’t look like they could be real. We hungout at Topanga Beach, a small beach north of Sunset Boulevard where we could have Reptar along ☺ It was wonderful to see the ocean. 3,700 miles or so of driving and we finally made it to the ocean!!!

Topanga Beach
Windsurfer’s kite
Topanga Beach with our nephew Reptar

A HUGE thank you to Erick, David & Reptar for hosting us and showing us a good time. Thank you especially for the showers!!! And thank you to Greer & Phil too for the fun Saturday night!

I’ll post about Sequoia and Yosemite in time ☺ We’re posted up in a car repair parking lot right now and seeing how they’ve been done with the Flex for a bit now I’m guessing they’re wondering why we haven’t left yet! 2 new tires, an oil change and an alignment, let’s go see how she drives!

Peace out, love you all!

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