The Devil and the Daughter

The Duke had fallen on hard times and had to seek everything. All he had left was his castle and his daughter, and she was distraught by the conditions in which she had to live, having once known such riches.

One night, The Devil came to visit, as want his wont in those days. He visited the daughter in her meagre room and showed her the most exquisitely beautiful necklace she had ever seen. Seeing the lust and greed in her eyes, the Devil prepared his trap.

“I would give you this necklace but only if you give me something of yours that is of equal value.”

She thought for a bit and replied, “very well then, you can have the castle.”

“But that is not yours to give, it is your father’s”

“Very well then, take my father.”

“He is also not yours to give, and besides I already own him.”

The daughter thought some more.

“Very well then, I offer you nothing.”

“Nothing? For this fine necklace.”

“Yes, nothing. But if you also give me other jewels and the finest dresses and perfumes then I will give you the world.”

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