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Jun 6, 2017 · 3 min read

Welcome to our Blog series showcasing some of the best of the local shops, businesses and talent in and around Dulwich.

The Dulwich Daily caught up with the owners of the hottest new café on Lordship Lane, Kanella. Despite being the new kids on the block, this lovely family owned café actually have a very long history in East Dulwich. We spoke with one of the team, Nick Andreou, to find out more…

1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself, the business, and what made you set up here?

Our family has long had a connection to Dulwich, in fact our grandfather had the first grocer/deli on Lordship Lane many years ago. We are from East Dulwich so it was an obvious choice.

2. What’s the story behind the name?

Thinking of a name is very hard but Kanella actually means cinnamon in Greek, but also other languages such as Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Cinnamon is prominent in Greek pastrys etc so it seemed really fitting. The Co bit is because it’s a family business.

Cakes and Pastries and Pie.. oh my

3. Do you have a bestselling, or favourite, product? What do you recommend?

So far food wise our spinach and feta pie is popular, along with our lamb sausage rolls with sultanas. Our Greek olive pastry is great. Greek salad is always on the counter and sells out daily. Bougatsa is a big hit…it’s a Greek morning filo pastry with a light custard filling — dusted with cinnamon, and goes great with a coffee.

Also our coffee is exceptional. We have attracted a few regulars since day 1!

4 . Do you have anything you can reveal about East Dulwich, or any interesting anecdotes, for instance did you uncover anything odd when refurbishing the cafe?

With our history in Dulwich we have many tales to tell……didn’t really find much to brag about when renovating but the wooden beams on the ceiling are the shops originals and are amazing. Took us ages to strip them back. You don’t really see anything as original on Lordship Lane as mock shops are modern refurbish so we are proud of them.

5. What other shops or businesses do you think would be a welcome addition to Lordship Lane?

We know Lordship Lane very well and I often think this, but knowing the retail world it’s really tricky. Local high streets are finding it tough especially with the growing overheads and the internet. Retailers are fighting so many battles and as much as people say they like to support local businesses they still shop online. Just before we began to work on our shop we were approached by a massive phone chain who offered us way over the odds to rent it but we turned it down as we were so passionate about our idea and wanted the family business to continue our Dulwich legacy.

Thanks Nick, and what a great legacy it is. If you haven’t been to Kanella yet I can attest to the amazing pastries, and the coffee is indeed first class 👌🏼

Team Kanella

Welcome to Lordship Lane Kanella!

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