5 Tips Every Entrepreneur Must Keep In Mind

Quitting your job and starting something of your own might seem extremely glamorous in the beginning. It’s only when you enter the trenches as an entrepreneur that you realize the hard work that goes into it, and the work that lies ahead.

The global startup ecosystem is growing at an alarming rate, with more companies birthed as we speak. So how does one rise above the clutter? Keep these five important tips in mind, and start to lead the pack.


Don’t shoot in the dark- have a strategy ready so that you have a direction. You cannot apply efforts in haphazard ways and expect results. Study the market. Have a strategy for both the brand and yourself.


Starting strong on social media channels might not get you immediate sales, but the ROI here goes far beyond money. It’s all about relationship management.


Don’t shy away from being known. You need to stand out in the clutter and that will only happen if you are confident enough to sell yourself as a brand. Take networking seriously.


Don’t give up a chance to meet people offline. You never know who you might connect with, and what business opportunities are possible. Widen your horizon and get serious about building your network.


No business shows results overnight. You need to work towards your success every day. Every tweet counts, every post makes a difference. Don’t give up because you didn’t get the results you expected.

This was originally published in Social Media Week, 2015

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