Things I Do To Reduce Stress

Protima Tiwary
Feb 12, 2019 · 3 min read

I keep talking about living a stress-free life and the importance of work-life balance. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds- in fact in today’s day and age we’re more often than not unintentionally doing things that add to our stress. The lack of empathy is shocking, a fact that I am reminded of everyday.

Without practicing empathy, we can never understand things from someone else’s point of view, which thereby affects how we function in society. So when I talk about self-care, I do mean this for the greater good in the long run. It’s sad that we don’t realise the effect our behaviour has on our society.

Point is, if you wish to live in a better world, you need to practice self-care. You need to look within, you need to focus on your happiness and well being so that you can spread it in your community.

In this post I am going to repeat what I have been saying for quite some time. I will take you through some of my habits that have helped me grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The changes did not happen overnight, it’s been a few months, and I have seen the magic that all of this gets with it.

Without further ado, here’s a list of things that I do that help me reduce stress:

1. I spend the first 20–30minutes of my day without the phone

2. I make a to-do list the night before

3. I switch off my phone while writing so that I can concentrate on the task at hand

4. I have set aside a time for calls and meetings with clients which leaves me with enough space and flexibility to attend events, go for meetings, workout, and write.

5. I do not work on weekends — and I have a strict no laptop policy on weekends (unless of course I am taking a massive break during the week)

6. I read for 15 minutes after lunch, before I get back to work. I try reading before bed too.

7. I make sure I spend time with my people every evening. If this doesn’t work out, I read or watch a show.

8. I have started learning a new language. This has strangely helped me calm down and keeps me excited.

9. I keep my phone on silent when I sleep. Nope, nothing is getting in between me and my beauty sleep lol.

10. I exercise (duh) I am also super active throughout the day: I walk or cycle around the neighbourhood to run errands or to meet my friends.

11. I have learnt the fine art of expressing my feelings, and this has helped me strengthen all my relations.

12. I write- I have a personal diary where I write down my personal goals and travel plans and fitness updates and review them every week.

13. I sleep! I used to sleep for 4–5hours and would feel proud for being productive. Getting back to 7–8hrs has been magical to say the least. Kids, sleep is important!

14. I switch off notifications on weekends (which is why I seem like I’ve gone AWOL) But honestly, you need that peace, that time away from your online world! You can’t let your phone control you.

15. I make sure I am punctual. I have a calendar which shows me the time allocation towards my tasks. How this works is that it prevents me from being late, which in itself is such a huge relief. So yeah, be on time for whatever it is that you’re doing, and you’ll see how life is less stressful (also, productive)

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