You can stay fit without going to the gym!

Thanks to our busy lifestyles, working out at the gym and eating clean might not always be possible, and we struggle to keep ourselves fit and active. Added to this, working out at the gym might not always be possible in the monsoons due to the dull weather which makes the best of us quite lazy. So how do we stay fit? Well, there are ways without going to the gym, and something I have been doing myself (my favorites — stairs and HIITs!)

  1. A power yoga session

So what if you can’t get out for your regular run due to rains and wet, dirty streets? There’s no reason to let your workout regime slip. Opt for a power yoga session every morning to get things kick started!

2. HIIT home workouts

Missed the gym? Intense, fun, and over before you know what hit you, a high intensity home workout burns body fat and wakes up your brain better than any steady state cardio ever could. HIITs help in effective weight loss and toning.

3. Strengthen upper body with push ups

If you’re looking to strengthen your upper body, we suggest you give the good old push ups a try. They help tone muscles of the back, shoulders as well as arms! Best part? This can be done at home!

4. Climb Stairs!

Missed the gym?Ditch the elevator & climb the stairs! According to a research you burn upto 15 calories climbing 3 flights of stairs. Running up 3 flights of stairs burns almost 80 calories!

5. Clean your house!

Did you know you could burn upto 100 calories doing daily chores? When was the last time you scrubbed your bathroom floor? Or cleaned out your closet? Each burns as much as a 35 minute walk on the treadmill, and it’s much more productive.