Why Bankex(BKX) will be one of the best performing altcoins of 2020!

Jan 6 · 8 min read

Alright, what is Bankex? Well, it could be hard to define in one sentence because Bankex is not just a mere blockchain project. It’s, in fact, a whole ecosystem by itself. Before getting into the project, let’s see the basics. “After reading this article,I hope you’ll realize this opportunity”!

ICO Price: 1 BKX = 1.48 USD (0.00200000 ETH)

Raised: $70.6 millions for 20% of their tokens.

Valuation from the ICO: $353 millions

Total Tokens: 400 000 000

Circulation: 263 290 932

Current price: $0.0023

Let’s see how $1000 invested at the current price can be worth if we see the ICO price again. $1000/0.0023 = 434 782 BKX x $1.48 = $643 478 but the big question is: Will it ever get there again? My answer is YES and this article is about the why and how.


What is Bankex

First, Bankex is a global financial ecosystem. On their website, you will only see things about Mainwallet (their payments service) but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Currently, they have a license[1] for STOs and banking Fintech products. The project is way ahead of the game. Bankex is specialized in securitization in real estate, money lending, media markets, and market-making. For various reasons, the team choose a new go-to-market strategy to focus on adoption and users, so they made something very simple, the MainWallet[2] (a payment services). At the heart of MainWallet is a heavy and highly complex digital asset repository for corporate clients (BANKEX Custody), which have been developing for over two years. At the same time, it is fast and very low-cost. No more than 20 companies in the world now own such technologies, these are large crypto exchanges and some crypto custodians. Consequently, Bankex has the best position in the world now on instant financial technologies in messengers. All their competitors work on the basis of BitGo depository, which makes their transactions much more expensive. This is exactly the reason why they cannot repeat group transactions between users — a transaction per 100 users in MainWallet costs 0%, in a BitGo-based wallet it will cost 0.5% or more. MainWallet will also be compatible with other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Wechat. The team is expecting the Twitter extension to be ready in 2 months from now.

Why the price is so low

As you can see in the picture below, startups generally have some difficulties at their beginning. Back in the days, Bankex was developing Plasma. Yes, PLASMA the current scaling solution for smart contract on Ethereum! Sadly, they wasted time and resources for this achievement but they got almost no recognition. They received a nice thank you from M. Vitalik Buterin and that was it. The team has made a mistake to help the Ethereum project, but at least, they showed that they are skilled enough to improve and change the whole crypto space.

Let’s be real here, the price is something very complex in crypto. Even if you have the best team, technology, and fundamentals in the world, the space is too young and manipulated to compare the price with actual significance. Thus, if a project got the wrong VCs, timing (bear market), token economics, or if the technology is too advanced for the market… even the greatest project can go down or fail. More experienced than ever, the team has now stopped testing and started the pivoting phase. Currently, the vision is focused on users and adoption. Their leading product was purposely made to be very simple but in the meantime, genius. With this idea, Bankex is going to change the entire game. They will be one of the few cryptos to get real adoption.


Numerous milestones, achievements and progress

· The Team is about to release TEX (Telegram Token Exchange). It’s basically a new way of exchanging goods peer to peer. It works via Bankex MainWallet, a messenger-first financial application for social commerce that is packaged as Telegram wallet-bot with connected App Store.

· The COO applied to get listed on Poloniex. He also wants Bankex on BinanceDex and logically Binance as well. They are timing all the news to get the uptrend and the momentum.

· For 2020, we can expect lots of partnerships, not necessarily crypto to crypto, but more with real institutions and enterprises. Note that they already got an institutional investor who invested $5M in Bankex via OTC. He bought at a higher price than the market. The COO said: This is really an institutional buyer, but they don’t want to publish their name as for now. I believe it’s Tim Draper the famous Bitcoin investor. Look, here: https://twitter.com/igorkhmel/status/1195029395548856322

· The staking and commission will be enabled shortly on the Mainwallet. Basically, this token economics will likely help the price moving up. It will narrow the circulating supply. The team is focused on utility token mechanics for merchants. Hence, each of whom will freeze a small number of tokens will start to earn 2–4 times more money.

· The new whitepaper is also about to get released. It’s very likely to be released in January. The COO said near January 30th

· Bankex is also involved with the STOs market. The CEO said: STO market is going to recover next year because of positive regulation changes all over the World, including US. More and more interest coming from high quality assets owners, and from buy side. 3 fields of assets we are working with — real estate, media, debt obligations.

· Bankex’s brand is known all over the world globally. Igor, the CEO, meets a lot of people in the US and everyone knows Bankex. The COO additionally said: “There are not many teams in the cryptomarket that are as well-known all over the world. This is the result of the best marketing in the market in late 2017. We know how to do marketing and we will repeat it at the necessary moment. It could be sooner than we think. He also said that he met with a top manager of a big European bank who is responsible for integrating his bank into a messenger. A very important and serious guy. I showed him what MainWallet can do in messengers and his eyes turned red and he nearly cried. He said: “You’re showing me right now what we’re afraid to dream about”. This is the REAL LEVEL of Bankex’s technology right now”



Since Bankex got very strong fundamentals, holding it for the long run could likely give substantial gains. However, if you are an experienced trader, you should leverage the volatility to increase your stack. Though, you should not trade with 100% of your tokens. A small cap like Bankex could increase extremely fast that you wouldn’t be able to catch up if you sell too soon. The feeling of selling to early and missing out is worse than seeing your coins/tokens crashing. If you don’t know anything about trading, you should buy and hold.

Based on the previous BTC’s halving, an alts season is about to bloom in 2020 since the halving is in May this year. Sure, the past doesn’t guarantee the future, but this phenomenon has happened at each previous halving. The statistics are on our side. In 2020, we could see a surprise alts season. If this happens, it’s more than expected that Bankex will catch the first mover wave. Which means the hype and irrationally of the bull market before everyone else. Remember, it’s not because an altcoin performed badly in the past that it will do the same again. 2020 is the year for Bankex starting from now.


Will Bankex tokens reach ICO price again -

This is not financial advice but Bankex has the team, the fundamentals, the technology, the experience and more importantly the right vision and backers to reach this goal. The COO openly said that he was aware of the price. With 263M tokens in circulation, $1.48 would put the project at 389M market cap which is currently in the top 30. It’s not impossible. Bankex’s tokens are now the fuel of their ecosystem, it’s the oil, the gas of their products. The team is working hard to create incredible utility for the tokens.

I know that Bankex is not as exciting or hyped as Ethereum, but who cares? Are you here to make money or for the tech? You can lie to yourself but you are here for the money just like almost 95% of crypto investors. You want life changing-gains! The hard truth is: it’s not Bitcoin or Ethereum that will give you that. Maybe someday but in 5 to 10 years… Sure, they will go up in the coming years, but they already did their life-changing ROI! If you want to become a millionaire, you’ll need to find the right altcoin at the RIGHT TIME. Bankex is currently down 99.85+%, the market cap is not even at a million! They got the vision, a product for adoption that will drive the utility of their token, a smart team, experience, they are already established on major exchanges (Upbit, Okex, and Bittrex, etc.) The team is still very active and they want to succeed.

They got a real institutional investor that believe and guide them. He got a contract OTC for $5M USD. You can ask for more info on Bankex’s telegram channel. The market cap is lower than that but he didn’t buy it OTC one shot, the team is not stupid, it’s a strategic move. Anyway, if you still think the retail investors (the shrimps with less than 1 BTC) are moving the price up or down, start doing more research because it’s not how markets works! The majority believes that markets move randomly and reflect the collective wisdom of investors, the truth is quite the opposite. The invisible hand is a myth.

On the other hand, Bankex market cap is so low that even the shrimps can push the price up, we only need to buy, hold and tell others about this opportunity. With a market cap of only $600 000, if a 100 people put 1000$ right now. Only $100 000 and the price will likely increase. It’s NOT as simple as $600 000 + $100 000 = $700 000 market capitalization, it’s more complicated than that. It’s more about supply and demand in this case, but I truly think shrimps can increase the price. If lots of shrimps are buying, whales will notice and they will join the party. Tell your friends about Bankex and if you agree with this article, and share it. Bankex got the right connections, the right token economics and the right VCs to guide them towards the road to nine figures+ market cap.

Are you willing to take that bet for the potential of outsized gains with Bankex? The impending upside is so vast that a sum as small as $100 could still make as much as $64 347. Your risk is the cost of 1 night at the club. But if I’m right, you will be able to buy a lifetime of dinners and vacations. Remember to always do your own research. The goal of this article is to make you do research by yourself on Bankex. You will not be disappointed. Let the game begin.

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[1] https://cryptovest.com/news/bankex-gets-maltese-license-to-operate-sto-other-services/

[2][2] https://mainwallet.io

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