Why aren’t there more channels like Geek & Sundry?

Geek & Sundry is currently hiring a social media manager and I found myself salivating over the opportunity to work with some of the coolest people ever. For those who don’t know G&S has a twitch channel that acts much like a TV station. There are a number of shows at the same time each week, all of them with their own focus yet still within the geek umbrella.

It’s basically the best thing ever.

After I got over the fact that I can’t really justify applying at this point in my life I had to wonder why this was the only group of content creators that I could think of in this niche. Twitch’s model makes advertising and sharing incredibly easy. Obviously the work that goes into it isn’t, but in my opinion live streaming is the future.

But live streaming is already here, I love [insert twitch steamer here].

I’m not talking about twitch here, I mean for everything else. Professors are streaming their classes to students more and more, I streamed a talk for Jill Stein onto her Facebook page. Our opening weekend for students was streamed to USM’s YouTube page. We’re about to see a Streaming Renaissance, much like when cable networks came about. Except this time around the customer will be involved at every step of the process.

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