I know this is only my second post and you probably thought I would have posted sooner than this but the thing is, I have been awfully busy. Silly excuse I know, especially from an aspiring writer’s perspective.

What is insane about the thought process of this second post, is that all it took was an event that took place today (Tuesday the 29th of August 2017), and thereby inspired me to write… I bet you are all thinking what is this event?

Well for all you female readers out there, and well actually male readers too, this may or may not apply to you. Today was the day I had my first ever intimate area wax, and well actually the first time I have ever had a wax.

Groupon is a great site, it gives you great deals when you need them the most. For example, I go to the Greek Island Zante this Thursday and decided I should have a wax beforehand, it’s easier! So I got a cheap deal and booked it for today’s date.

The thing is, I like to do my research. And as a result I looked up different views and opinions on waxing and more specifically Brazilian waxing just so I had a rough idea of what it would be like. But in all fairness, you will never truly know what the experience is like until you are half-naked on that salon bed, with a stranger brutally ripping your hair off in a few seconds.

The whole experience was over in half an hour but it truly felt like a decade that I was in that small stuffy room. I thought to myself, ok, fine my pain threshold is pretty high; due to me having many tattoos and piercings over the years as well as severe operations. Yet when it comes to waxing, I’m definitely a wuss puss.

If you can grit those pearly whites and get through the pain, the experience should hopefully be worth it. I mean this is the first time I have had it done and was told that it should take 3–4 weeks until the hair starts to grow back; we shall see.

Personally, if I was to recommend my experience today I would tell anyone thinking about getting it done to only do it if you can deal with pain well. If not, it wouldn’t be advisable to go through this. It may be the easier option for holidays, parties etc. But for the pain perspective, it’s not worth it.

If you have any funny stories to tell about times you have had a wax down the privates, let me know in the comments!

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