Stop lying on Instagram

I’m sick of seeing the Instagram posts of material goods on show and packaged up as success with no sign whatsoever of the real work.

Where’s the hard work? The sleepless nights? The questioning? The self-doubt?

I’m not interested in the Lamborghini, the Richard Mille watch and the Christian Louboutin shoes. I want to see the blood, the bruises and the battle scars.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. It takes blood, sweat and tears to build a successful business, and true leaders will be willing to tell you all about that.

I'm as great a fan of supercars and high-end goods as anyone else, but rather that boasting of your success, how about sharing some wisdom and helping others out instead.

Unless, that is, you’ve not actually earned that money yourself…then you’ve got little wisdom to share. And there’s no jealousy here; I’m really happy for people to enjoy the fruits of their labour or even enjoy what they've inherited. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Just stop pretending. If you’re rented that car, cool, but don’t call it your own. If you’ve been left millions in an inheritance, great, but stop telling us you’ve earned it.

Be known for what you DO and for what you GIVE, not for what you HAVE.