Pricing done right

So we built a utopian business wherein anything could happen if you wrote a line of text.

Simple, right?

That’s the way we always envisioned it. Simple.

And it’s an approach that we have extended to every part of dunzo when designing it — including the 3 simple pricing slabs.

But we’ve been looking at our data, and the tiered pricing just meant that some folks were being charged more than the value of the time we saved for them. The “in-betweeners” just weren’t getting a fair deal. To top it off, every time there is an arbitrage, there is gaming of the system and one sees that on both, the user & the runner side.

And so, as of yesterday, we have bitten this bullet and introduced pricing by the kilometer after 3kms. 75% of the tasks you run will actually see no change in pricing at all or get cheaper. This is just a better way of getting to the same price point while smoothing out the curves.

Will long distance tasks become more expensive?

Yes. But they’ll also become more doable.

Runners will be more willing than ever to buy you a bag from Decathalon, pick up the passport you forgot at home, even go through the travesty that is Chickpet!

After this change, we will still be paying runners about 10% more than what we charge you for every run, but this gets us ever so close to the viability of the dunzo model. Now more than ever, we need the support that you have always extended to us to try this change out.

We assure you, we will always want to make dunzo as accessible to you as ever while staying viable. Thanks for hearing us out, we hope to see you on the app soon.

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