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2 min readApr 9, 2018

When we started this brand and its journey, we knew where we were headed. We knew we had built a product that could turn things around for our users, and make them feel like they could do more with their time. The bigger picture has always been to keep improving the product to best of its capabilities and maintain an open dialogue about what we were thinking from inside our small office and big brains.

This city has been unforgiving with its traffic problem, and not that we could do something about it directly. But dunzo in its own way is helping you to keep moving, and we’ll remember to do all your chores for you.

Power of 3 was a campaign we launched last month where we gave free delivery for the first 3 km of any task. With this campaign, we wanted to show our users that dunzo can be used across multiple facets of your life, and not just for long distance or last minute emergencies. But in the process of doing shorter tasks, we were able to complete more tasks for our users, and in turn, improve efficiency and better user experience. It also meant that we could service more merchants within a specific radius; yes, 3 was indeed a powerful number for us. We found balance!

Keeping all this in mind, we have launched dunzoX -

Needless to say, dunzoX would mean hassle-free tasks and will costs lesser for our subscribed users. As always, we are always looking to learn from to learn from our users, partners and merchants and improve your experience on our app.

If you haven’t tried out the new dunzoX, perhaps you should get on the app and update it right away. You will see an option to purchase dunzoX in the profile section of your dunzo app.

Dunzo On!




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