When dunzo doesn’t dunzo


It’s us.

Your handymen, your electricians, your delivery boys and often only god knows what else.

We bring this up for a reason, so we start at a happy place with you. Because to be honest, it’s not been fun being a dunzo user off late, and we’re writing here to you, our most valued and only obsession, that we know. We know we’ve been slipping up — and we want to apologize, explain why, and walk you through our plan to fix this.

Our traffic has ballooned. We have only you to thank for every incredible referral and for each time you excitedly told your friends about dunzo, and now, we are managing nearly 50% more traffic than we did 3 weeks ago.

Now we’re working on redesigning the entire flow on automation, but, given that the system is still 60–40% human led, it’s started cracking under this many active tasks.

The problem is, where there are humans, there’s room for error. The more the activity, the less efficient a task is, the longer the task takes to execute, and hence, the fewer the tasks that can be executed. And with everyone being forced to run twice the number of tasks they’re capable of running, the pressure has been ON at our end.

While it’s been beautifully overwhelming to handle these many tasks and an incredible learning experience, to be perfectly honest, we’re simply not equipped to handle this much demand. Not just yet anyway.

We’re putting quick fixes in place to help us cope with this demand surge and in 2 weeks time, dunzo as a product will definitely have more availability on the ground for you. In fact, in 6 weeks, we’ll have rethought the whole problem to run even 1,00,000 tasks a day.

But in the meantime, we’re just extremely sorry.

We’re sorry we didn’t run your task. We’re sorry we took 90 minutes to do something that would have taken us 20 just 2 weeks ago. We’re sorry we didn’t respond to your query for minutes at a go. We’re sorry for saying no to customize your task. And we’re sorry for a bunch of other things too.

Just bear with us for some time more.

You’ve trusted us to run your tasks, and you’ve let us into your homes and hearts.

Just trust us for a little while longer, to fix this.

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