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Bitcoin Red

A Bitcolor ERC20 token, red for passion and anger !


Website (Airdrop on the website) : http://bitcoinred.io
Contract address : 0x6aac8cb9861e42bf8259f5abdc6ae3ae89909e11
Symbol : BTCR
Exchange : etherdelta.com
Supply : 21 000 000 BTCR


What is Bitcoin Red / Bitcolors ?

Did you ever think that the blockchain could help you express what you feel ? What is the definition of art and can a token be some kind of art ? Bitcolors is here to try to answer to all these questions and Bitcoin Red is the first of this new movement. Each token will have its own characteristics and feeling associated with. Red is mostly for anger and passion, trade or own Bitcoin Red when you feel this way or if red is your favorite color. We are trying to represent feelings through cryptocurrencies, in a kind of artistic way. You can contribute to this movement in different ways : join the airdrop, speak to us on Telegram, share your ideas or create the next Bitcolor. There are still a lot of feelings and colors remaining. This is only the beginning and the rest of the community will determine what feeling each color represent.


16 000 000 tokens will be distributed through the airdrop. The remaining one will be used for exchange listing, gas, bounties and developpers team. The more you support us and share our project, the more you will get tokens (imagine what you could get if you create Bitcoin Blue or Bitcoin Green). Rewards will be given for sharing through Twitter, Facebook or articles… But also for first 50 joining the aidrop !


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Bitcoin-Red-147081382701351/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitcoinRed1
Mail: contact@bitcoinred.io
Telegram: https://t.me/BitcoinRedToken

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