Different Industries Where Acoustic Enclosures Are Used

Acoustic enclosures are just what they imply: enclosures that offer protection from noise. Based on the type of acoustic enclosure design, these either reduce or completely block noise generated by machinery and equipment. This carefully engineered structure minimizes or eliminates loud noise caused by oversized refrigeration units, compressors, blowers, grinders, power generators, gear boxes, and more.

Along with enclosures, you have other options such as acoustic panels, louvers, barriers, doors, walls, and screens. For a better understanding of just how critical these structures are, consider some of the ways they are used.

Commercial Industries

For any commercial business, especially large companies that have oversized air heating and cooling systems, acoustic panels and enclosures are ideal. Not only do these acoustic structures help with noise control but also structural integrity. For added convenience, their design includes easy access for people performing inspections and maintenance. As a prime example, an airport would have an enclosure for its noisy HVAC equipment, thereby preventing sound from traveling to the inside of the terminal.

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