The Scales Of Justice Have Been Shattered

Under the watchful, ever mindful eye of the Obama administration, America has sat in stunned silence as our leaders commit dangerous, illegal, unconstitutional actions and face no consequence for their treachery. The last time I checked, it was still equal rights and justice for all in America. Or did I miss the memo that absolved President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their cronies from prosecution?

On top of the list is Hillary Clinton’s ‘little email mistake’. This was not a mistake. This was a calculated, conscious decision by then Secretary Clinton to circumvent FoIA and impede on the rights of American citizens. All hopes of transparency and accountability in government were felled in one, broad swoop of a private server. President Obama took to the airwaves in a recent interview and all but declared Hillary innocent. Mrs. Clinton has not only violated federal law, and then skated from justice, but she has been rewarded by presidential praise and endorsements while being allowed to run for the highest office in the land. As the man said, “the truth is what Hillary Clinton says it is”.

Americans watched in horror as Chris Stevens, and brave American service members were attacked and left for dead in Benghazi. We were then fed a politically correct story of a video being to blame. Only that wasn’t the truth, and when the truth was finally revealed, we were told, “At this point, what difference does it make?”.

We watched in dismay as John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the gang ‘negotiated’ a ‘deal’ with Iran, that completely circumvented the will and rights of the American people. They were not punished for going against our interests. They were hailed as the heroes of this brilliant, historic moment, which will forever be remembered as one of the stupidest, most incompetent, most questionable deals in American history.

We watched in horror as 14 Americans were slaughtered at a Christmas party in San Bernardino. This came as a direct result of a broken vetting program that cares more about the privacy of those seeking citizenship, than it does for the safety and security of American citizens. No one was punished for this incompetence. No one was held to task for their mistakes. In fact, we were told not to be bigots, and not to jump to conclusions. We even got the pleasure of a press conference starring the high priced attorneys of the sick, twisted radical deviants. They told us there was no proof of radicalization. They said Tashfeen Malik was just a regular, average American wife. And they chastised the media for daring to show her face on national television without the niqab. It was as if the victims were the problem, and not the heinous radicals who performed such an act. To make matters worse, the president lectured us over and over that the vetting process is just fine. It’s extremely rigorous. It takes years to complete. It has great ‘mechanisms’. It’s not the process that’s to blame. That’s quite a contradiction to the statements from FBI, DHS, DIA, etc. who have declared the vetting process to be highly inadequate. The country continues to argue this fact, while no one is held accountable for the mistakes that resulted in this senseless tragedy.

We have watched as our fellow citizens are murdered by illegal immigrants, as was the case with Jamiel Shaw and Kate Steinle. The sanctuary cities who blatantly violate US law are not punished, but are instead rewarded and upheld as an example of bravery for protecting the poor illegals who are yearning to be free. We are called racists and bigots, and we’re reminded of our values and responsibilities to those foreigners who only wish to live the American dream. How dare we not be more forgiving and charitable to people who broke federal law to come here illegally. How dare we not support giving them food, and money, and housing, and health care.

We have sat back and watched as the Obama administration turned the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into a junkyard dog, attacking Tea Party members and using the full weight of it’s imaginary authority to punish any dissenters to the Obama Doctrine. Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, under our fine president’s guidance, said no evidence was found that would warrant prosecution for Lois Lerner. Unbelievable. I guess it pays to be in the Obama administration, as our laws obviously do not apply to them.

We have angrily witnessed Dana Rubens and Kim Graves, 2 top Veteran’s Affairs (VA) officials, manipulate the system for their own personal gain. Their punishment? Demotion. They steal from our vets, and face no prosecution, no prison time, and no real consequences whatsoever. AND they still get to keep their jobs. How on earth is this OK?

We have watched President Obama play God, while completely ignoring the Constitution and Due Process Of Law, killing American citizens by drone strike. I am in no way advocating for those who have been killed, but one must ask if targeted assassinations of American citizens, without trial, really falls under the purview of our government. This is made exponentially more alarming by Obama’s latest threats to remove the rights of Americans who find their way onto his ‘no fly list’. If these Americans are really such a threat, really such a danger to society, then why have they not been brought up on charges, put on trial, and imprisoned? I’ll tell you why. Because there is no evidence against them. The president has no right to trample on, and outright ignore, the Constitutionally protected rights of an American citizen. This is a dangerous precedent we are allowing to occur on our watch. What’s to stop President Obama from adding his political rivals and ideological dissenters to said ‘no fly list’? What’s to stop him from removing more of our rights, just because he deems someone, or some idea, a threat?

I’m reminded of a quote by the late great Hunter S. Thompson, who said, “Are we still capable of taking this country back from these evil thieves? If the answer is no, welcome to the Fourth Reich”.

If only we had a Constitutional law professor as our president….I’m sure Mr. Thompson would agree.