The Compact Office Storage Idea

A small office is a hallowed space and keeping it clutter free and organised can be a bit of a challenge. Be it in your home or a limited space in a commercial area, the limitation on spaces makes it difficult to maintain a neat work area that’s tidy and inviting. An office area is meant for work and should be clearly visualized and defined to minimize interruptions during work hours. It is essential to keep your day going smoothly in your office space by keeping things in order and out of the way.

office desk

Instant Office Space

Add shelves to an empty wall to create an alcove effect, setting your office desk apart from the rest of the room. Flank the office desk with a sideboard or a bookcase to make room for additional storage. An open shelving system offers more freedom to store a varying variety of books, catalogs, magazines, trade publications etc. Add small baskets or folios on desks for keeping important company documents and stationery for community uses.

Convertible Rooms

Get your office to do a whole lot more. Furniture that does a variety of functions converting your home into an office with a simple push or a flip helps your space to shine. Adding a cabinet or a sideboard to the corner of the room will be an easy way to stash your laptop and accessories. The Dining table can double up as your worktable during working hours and revert to its original use as soon as you put your work aside.

Office on Wheels

Furniture on wheels is the easiest option you can use to convert a room from the office to a living space. Castors on a wheeled base makes it easier to stash your filing cabinets and carts away from plain sight once you’re done working. An elegant nightstand with a drawer and shelf can be used to store office stationery, a wheeled stand can be hidden under a desk when not in use. An ottoman on wheels with a hollow centre is a movable unit that can follow you and become a place to prop your legs up while reading or using your laptop for long hours. Rolling furniture makes it easier in a smaller office as you are able to share resources.

filing cabinets


Privacy at work is of utmost importance. One must get a certain level of privacy to function systematically. Keep floor to ceiling storages and shelving units creates a functional temporary partition between spaces. A shelving unit or a sideboard on wheels allows for freedom in changing your space everyday. The partitions can be permanent which can help create small breakout spaces for your staff to lounge and relax. Furthermore, the storage space can be used to stove away important documents and files for safekeeping.