Hi Sam,
Yurii Khomitskyi


Elixir is a cool language, to be sure, and the tooling and phoenix framework are as you said quite stable. If anything, Elixir is what Java/.NET/Kotlin should have been, but I just strongly believe that the future is not in these intermediate representation/bytecode/MSIL based languages simply because they can maybe get close to, but cannot actually reach the native performance you can reach with compiled languages like crystal/rust/go/d/nim. In terms of syntax, there are compiled languages that can do the things elixir does without too much awkwardness, but without the performance hit of not compiling down to native machine code. If I need a dynamic language, I have Ruby and if I’m really desperate Python or JavaScript. For things I want to run fast, I have crystal, rust, and go. I just don’t see the need for this middle ground, and this is coming from someone who learned to program initially in .NET and Java.

On an aesthetic note, I also don’t like how strange some of the Elixir syntax is, at least for me. I might revisit it in the future, but for now I’m fully invested in crystal because of the performance and the ruby-like syntax.