Stop Smoking, it’s difficult…

Well, if you made the decision to throw all the cigarretes away and make your life much better is a very good step!

But that’s the first day.. Maybe you think it’s easy, but after a couple of minutes is your brain irritating you for some nicotine. It’s horrible!

Maybe a plan is easier, prepare yourself for the next couple of weeks and write it down on some paper. Is this the way to survive the horrible period? Are there other things to help you? I don’t know, but what I know is that every single person have their own type of technique that works.

I’m an ex smoker and thought “what if there is one method that just works”. I had my answer after thinking a couple of weeks, there isn’t just one method. Nobody is the same and that’s good. But what people need is motivation.

Motivation is something that makes you stronger, happier and so much more! So I thought, is an app something that can motivate people to stay away from cigarettes? Euhm well, I think so. Everyone has a smartphone, so what’s the point? Nothing!

I looked at the IOS App Store and saw some “stop smoking” apps. Mhh there were shitty or very expensive apps. I thought maybe I can create my own app. I had some experience with programming so it was clear, just do it.

Making lives better feels so good, I have talked to people, grabbed information from the internet and so much more to build a good app! I’m at the point now where I think, yeah I’m happy with it. And that feels so good.

I have a sneakpeak at my website, I love it to hear if you have some improvement thoughts of the app or something else. You can download the app in the next couple of days.

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