Is Snapchat the most positive, uplifting social network on the planet?

Dustin Brohm
Sep 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Most of us are frustrated with the general tone social media these days because of all the political nonsense; the bitching, the complaining, and my personal favorite, “listen to what a crappy day I’ve had,” and so on. Social media is full of text-based arguments, trolling, negativity, criticism, unwelcome opinions, and digital head-butting. However, some social networks are worse than others. This of course means that some social networks are BETTER than others.

Snapchat seems to be overwhelmingly positive and optimistic, while I believe Facebook is quickly becoming the most negative social network there is. It has become so apparent to me lately that Snapchat (at least the messages portrayed on it) is just rooted in pure genuine positivity. Of course it matters who you follow, and who you pay attention to online. I do a pretty good job of purging the ultra-negative, “a black cloud is following me” type of people from my social media, but even still, the arguments and bickering on Facebook is getting out of control and becoming so pervasive. Especially as we get closer to the Presidential election. God help us!

As I was watching some Snapchat stories the other day, it was as if this realization smacked me across the face. There’s hardly ANY negativity and complaining on Snapchat, with those who I follow anyways. That is not the case anywhere else online. I have honestly found myself consciously spending more time on Snapchat, and less on Facebook, just to stay surrounded by empowering, uplifting messages, and not inundated by the trash & crap on Facebook and Twitter.

3 random examples of positivity on Snapchat

If I noticed the overwhelming positivity on Snapchat, others surely have too, right? Shortly after I became conscious of this, I talked about it on my Snapchat story. Now this is the part that really surprised me; I received such a flood of responses to this one particular message that it was obvious that I’m not the only one who feels this way. In fact, no Snapchat story that I have ever done has had this kind of engagement and response; all people agreeing that Snapchat is somewhat of a “bastion of optimism and positivity.” Not one of my followers disagreed with me.

Similar to the way we start to notice red Jeep Patriot’s everywhere right after we buy one, I started noticing the optimism and positivity everywhere on Snapchat. I also began to notice how bad things have become on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They really are night and day, or if you will, light and dark.

Will this trend continue? Does everyone notice this overwhelmingly positive vibe of Snapchat? Or did I just luck out on those that I follow and pay attention to? Maybe it’s a little bit of both. However whether Snapchat continues to be a ray of sunshine in the world or not, it sure is nice right now. Hell, if the positivity on Snap continues, Snapchat may just save the world.

Dustin Brohm
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