The #1 Reason Why Realtors Need Snapchat is Not What You Think

Dustin Brohm
May 25, 2016 · 4 min read

There are a crap load of valid, and important, reasons why Realtors should jump on Snapchat, but honestly, I’m only going to talk about one of them… the one that is making me more money right now.

After being active on Snapchat for 8+ months, and having built a following of thousands, I humbly consider myself an expert on Snapchat for Real Estate. With that context in mind, I can honestly say that the biggest upside to Snapchat right now is the relationships created and built with other Realtors from around the country, and the world. Seriously. It’s not the ability to Snap your open houses, or market your real estate services directly to people in your city. I’m talking about networking on steroids. Snapchat is loved by it’s over 100 million daily users for the way it promotes and cultivates authenticity and “real-ness” between users. Unlike most other social networks, (cough, cough Instagram, cough) it’s damn near impossible to fake who you are. Your real personality, sense of humor (or lack therof), living conditions, and life are shown in all their glory to your Snapchat friends… warts and all. On Snapchat, you’re really you. Sure, you can fake it temporarily. Like all those “I got rich in 45 seconds and now I’ll teach you to do it too” douche bags on Instagram, you can go rent a Lambo for the day and pretend it’s yours, or you can get 30 of your friends to gather all their cash together on a bed and pretend that you’re a rich rapper or something… but eventually you’ll be exposed. Eventually you’ll have to head back home to your parents basement and your unemployment check, and your Snapchat followers will see the real you. That is what makes Snapchat so powerful in terms of networking and building relationships. People are attracted to authenticity.

Snapchat is not a text-based platform like the other social networks. It’s all visual. Photo and video, (and audio too, in the new Chat 2.0). That’s it. When you’re having actual conversations with other Realtors all day via video snaps, don’t you think that you’d feel closer to them versus just writing back and forth via email, facebook, or twitter? It’s because of this real “digital face-to-face” means of communicating that you can create close relationships with new people very quickly on Snapchat. That’s exactly what happened to me. In a few short months, I have become friends with quite a few Realtors from all around the world. It’s crazy how many good friends I have made via Snapchat. I now have real Real estate buddies from Edmonton, to Berlin, down to Australia, and all over the USA.

Aside from all the warm fuzzy kumbaya Care Bear stuff, I have sold more homes and my real estate business has grown as a direct result of the relationships I have made on Snapchat. Because my Snapchat friends know that I’m a Realtor in Salt Lake City, I have received some referral business from them. That’s right. Snapchat is bringing me more business. In other words…

I’m making more money because of referrals I’ve received from fellow Realtors who I met on Snapchat. Networking with other Realtors has brought me more business, and it can for you too. Simple as that.

For this reason alone, you need to get on Snapchat right away, and start talking to other Realtors. There are a ton of other reasons to get on Snapchat, but this one has the fastest, most tangible payoff. Start following Realtors on Snapchat ASAP, and just start conversations. Add me on Snapchat (username: @dustinbrohm), I’d love to meet you and see how we can help each other. Also look up what we call “the real estate #Snappack”… a group of 7 Realtors, from all around the US, who get together from time to time on the Onion Juice Podcast (and this awesome #Snappack Live Facebook Group) to just talk about real estate, marketing, social media, and whatever else comes up. It’s a blast. A few fellow Snappack members have mentioned that whenever we get together for the podcast, it feels like a reunion because we all know each other so well just through our snaps! So reach out to us on Snap and start networking with us. The more you just talk with other Realtors, the more referrals you’ll eventually get. Not to mention it’s great to be able to learn what is working for other Realtors and see how they are doing things.

If you’re a Realtor, and you’re not actively talking with other Realtors on Snapchat, I urge you to start today. There are so many great people out there who may end up becoming close friends. Plus, you never know… you may just sell a bunch more homes in the process.

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