A thought on the immigration debate.

The clown car, also known as the GOP primary race for president, is rolling down immigration avenue right now. Donald Trump is leading with his calls for aggressive action on immigration, including ending birthright citizenship and building a huge wall on our southern border.

I’ve long wondered about the right course of action on immigration because building a huge wall on the border seems like the antithesis to the idea of America.

Lately, I’ve tried to place myself in the shoes of the moms and dads in Mexico, desperately trying to protect their kids from gang violence related to drug trafficking. At least one study suggests violence is down as of late, but Mexico seems like a scary place to raise a family.

Imagine you lived just south of the Mexican-American border. Picture trying to raise your kids in a blighted ghetto, rife with organized crime and drug traffickers. Picture how you’d protect your spouse and kiddos from the violent realities of everyday life.

How would you do it? Would you purchase a firearm? Would you try to move somewhere else in Mexico? Or would you risk your life and the lives of your kids to sneak into America, a land which, more or less, offers much more opportunity and safety for son and daughter?

We are certainly a nation of laws, which help create an environment of equal opportunity for all. I know the laws need to be followed. I’m not so sure, though, we have the right approach to immigration.

I know my answer to the above scenario if I lived in Mexico. I would, in a heartbeat, sneak across the border to secure a safer and possibly more prosperous life for my family.

Anyway, I wish I had more answers on this topic, but putting myself in the shoes of a father in Mexico really changed my perspective on immigration.

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