Trump said months ago that he was only giving Comey a chance.
Parker O'Brien

Thanks for responding. As to your question “ What other ‘timing’ concerns are there exactly?” That would be the timing of firing someone while they are in the middle of investigating your administration.

It may be true that Trump always intended to replace Comey — we don’t know what’s in his head. What we do know is that he said he would give Comey a chance. And then a few months later fires him over something that happened long before he already said he’d “give him a chance”. The optics look bad as that is what one would do if he’s trying to cover something up.

The problem is further exacerbated because the President and those around him were telling different stories about why he did it. Was it based on Rosenstein’s recommendation? Did he always intend to fire him or did something happen — if so, what was it? etc…

The real problem is all about credibility. Trump needs an independent and credible source to finally put this Russia story behind him. By firing Comey, he lost that. No future FBI director, or political appointee in the Department of Justice will have that credibility.

Thanks for responding to my original post.