Be A Curator

It’s easy to consume and be consumed. There are temptations, some harmless enough, but they rob us of the limited time that we like to pretend is endless. And when that scary thought hits us, the realization that we’ll never have enough time to do all the grand plans on our to-do list, we consume some more. Fuck it, I’m going to die anyways.

I’m trying to take a different approach. That of the curator. Excess consumption leads to clutter. The cluttering of our minds, spaces, stomach and before long, we’re fat, lazy and unable to manufacture an original thought. For me, a thought scarier than death itself.

Curators attempt to collect and organize the best of something. The art gallery curator carefully selects works of art to display, creating the optimal experience for those who visit her space. The restauranteur carefully selects the food and beverages he wants to serve. What if we treated everything in our lives with such careful consideration?

There is less importance placed on curation when consumption becomes more accessible. Think about your music collection (if you’re over the age of 30). At one time you carefully purchased albums that served as a sort of soundtrack to your life. Now, streaming music makes nearly every song available at any given moment. You consume more but put less thought into what you’re experiencing.

But all of that is about to change. For me, and I believe soon all of us, will act as curators. We all want the best in life. To get that life we don’t have to consume more, we need to ignore more. Put down the phone, pass on the second helping, turn off the TV, quit talking shit about your friends and take back the time your wasting. Don’t let life consume you. You’re not a consumer, you’re a curator. Choose wisely.