AMA Recap: DCI x CryptoBlades Kingdoms Landsale

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3 min readOct 4, 2021


DCI: For the regulars here, this is going to be a bit of a different AMA. We will be jumping straight into the community questions, since they have some burning questions about the Cryptoblades Kingdoms Metaverse! 🙌🙌

Thanks for joining us Philip, excited to have you here today 😁

CryptoBlades: Happy to be here let’s do this 😁

DCI: Lets get right into it!

In the Tokenomics, it is said that every player will start with one land which can be minted fresh or brought from the marketplace. As a player/investor how will it benefit me in the game if I purchase a land in the private sale? — @TheCryptenzo

CryptoBlades: The private sale price includes a 20% discount plus the earning potential for mining resources, battles, guild events, dungeons, and raids which all provide NFTs

There is also the participation in guild events in the future which we will assist DCI in running and building out your DCI community by recruiting people in game!

Last you will PERMANENTLY have your chunk of land named after you (done)

DCI: Nice! so by buying the land in the private sale there will be lots of benefits including being immortalized in the game? 🤯

CryptoBlades: Yes 😁

DCI: Thats amazing!

Could you explain us a bit about the “raids” feature in cryptoblades kingdoms? Would my land be susceptible to these kind of raids? — @Blocksurfer

CryptoBlades: Your land will never lose ownership through PvP or raids but there will be time to rebuild, and by being part of a guild you can rely on friends to help rebuild, as kingdoms United are stronger. The benefits of raids are winning NFTs and KING tokens

DCI: Thank god! hahaha. Raids sometimes sound so intimidating, but thanks for clearing that up

There are 25 million pieces of land available, will they all be sold right away? or how long before all the pieces of land will reach the market? — @Vinnie_Delpino

CryptoBlades: Only 1 million will ever be sold and the rest can be won through exploration however not for resale. So the supply is very limited.

DCI: So that means I need to get my hands on a piece of land asap!

CryptoBlades: Haha definitely 😀

DCI: Within the platform gamers can mint Weapon NFTs. But as far as i know, minting an NFT is very costly.

Since these NFTs play a major role in the platform, how do u plan to minimise these minting fees? — @ama_tort

CryptoBlades: We have a multi chain approach as well as vkRollup layer 2 technology to reduce costs to players, in development. We also hope to release this technology as a white label service to other games so that we can build up crypto gaming as a whole.

DCI: I love it! That would really help accelerate the crypto gaming industry, as it diminishes the fear of high gas fees

Last but not least (I held of on this question till the end, I think you know why 🤪)

As a retail investor, are there any chances for me to buy land before the public sale starts? — @Nanapuffs

CryptoBlades: We are offering allocations for purchase through DAO groups like DCI so be sure to stay involved and not miss your chance!

DCI: Oh wait so they can buy some land through us? 🤯🤯

To the people here for the AMA, stay tuned! we have something special in store for you guys!🔥🔥

Thank you so much for answering the questions from our community Philip!

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DCI: If anyone still has any questions for Philip or the CryptoBlades team make sure to follow their socials!

I bet they are more than willing to answer any questions you shoot towards them in their channels 😁