DCI Capital partners up with Glitter Finance

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3 min readJan 25, 2022


DCI Capital is excited to announce the partnership with Glitter Finance, an advanced cross-chain bridge connecting multiple Layer-1 ecosystems including Solana, Terra, Polygon and Cudos!

Glitter Finance
The vision of Glitter Finance is to increase capital efficiency between cross-chain bridges.

Glitter Finance brings an advanced cross-chain bridge solution to make things easier for the general users in the blockchain space. Glitter Finance also comes with a unique redeployment mechanism that allows re-directing original locked assets into another yield farm with more attractive gains.
The bridge works on creating synthetic, or wrapped tokens, on the second blockchain. The difference with Glitter Finance is that it opens the vault in blockchain two, which allows the redeployment of the synthetic liquidity into yield pools which is integrated in the platform.

The core element of the Glitter FInance is a single bridge of connectivity between progressive ecosystems of Solana, Terra, Polygon, Cudos and Algorand, whose ultimate goal is to create a blockchain experience based on openness and accessibility to all members of the expanding community of decentralized financial services.
Glitter Finance occupies a unique niche in the unification movement across the growing variety of blockchain networks, which occupies an indispensable part of the DeFi progress.

There are quite some unique selling points with Glitter Finance:

  • An advanced feature will be the presence of AI and algorithms. It will be used to foster mass adoption, including features that will create a smart and intuitive DeFi
  • The advanced cross-chain bridge with multiple chains will eliminate fragmentation
  • Trading within the ecosystem of partner blockchains within the bridge will be rewarded with yield. This will encourage traders from Solana, Polygon, Terra, Kudos and Algorand to engage
  • Embedding yield in the bridge to solve capital inefficiencies and create a connected ecosystem for all traders and community members
  • Reducing gas fees with blockchain technologies such as Polygon
  • Leveraging Solana technology to achieve carbon neutrality

The Team
The Glitter Finance team consists of experienced professionals within the DeFi space. They are a distributed and remote team from different countries such as the USA, India, Nigeria, Turkey and the UK.

The team is led by the CEO, David Dobrovisky.
David is a serial entrepreneur in the DeFi and crypto space. He has founded, co-founded or helped to build four projects. All of those four being highly successful, raised very well and developed profound communities.

With Glitter Finance, his latest venture, he created a company that has the overall mission to make DeFi easy, approachable and streamlined to the general public. He would like to make DeFi innovation as accessible as Apple has made computers accessible. This would be his ultimate goal.

A DAO Governance system will be created around their token, $XGLI.
We can expect the token to be listed at the end of February:

While being in Phase one with the token listing coming up soon, it is already interesting to take a look ahead.
We can expect multiple changes in Phase two, such as the integration of all the major chains, fiat integration, the CeFi token listing and the launch of the mobile application.
The most interesting events to happen in Phase three are the launch of the Cross Chain NFT Marketplace and the launch of Cross Chain Swaps!

About the Partnership
DCI Capital is a highly active investor in the Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming and DeFi sector.

When we came across Glitter Finance, it was obvious that the team was creating an advanced cross-chain bridge that has great potential to a wide public in the crypto space. We were also thrilled to see exchanges such as KuCoin and Huobi, where Glitter Finance will be listed very soon.

DCI Capital will help Glitter Finance with spreading awareness and onboarding investors while supporting them with obtaining new partnerships to achieve their goals!

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