DCI Capital Partners up with KingSpeed

DCI Capital is hyped to announce its partnership with KingSpeed, THE Blockchain-Based Racing game that’s about to take over the wheel in the NFT Gaming sector!

DCI Capital is one of the leading VC’s within the Metaverse, Gaming & DeFi sector. DCI utilizes their network and communities to support projects in reaching their maximum potential within these sectors.


Kingspeed is a Free-to-play and Play-to-earn blockchain-based racing game where players use NFT cars and equipment to challenge other players in a huge and ever-expanding racing world that we created. In Kingspeed, users can collect rare virtual items including Cars, Drivers, Gears and Race Tracks. Furthermore, they can use their collectibles to race in our racing games. The design of the collectible components of the game simulates traditional scarcity-based collecting games. Our racing game will contain multiple game modes and activities, allowing users to earn rewards while playing the game.

About the Partnership

DCI has been actively investing in the coming wave of blockchain-based NFT games, and KingSpeed makes for a welcome addition to the portfolio. There aren’t many racing games being developed in the NFT gaming space right now, and besides that KingSpeed just catches the eye and triggers you to want to own and get behind the wheel of one of their NFT cars! We believe that KingSpeed can claim its place within the current NFT gaming scene and make some noise while they’re at it!
By utilizing their expertise and network DCI Capital will help KingSpeed achieve their goals and generate hype within their communities.

Stay up to date with KingSpeed’s latest updates!
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TG: https://t.me/DCI_Newsroom

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Dutch Crypto Investors

Dutch Crypto Investors

TG: https://t.me/DCI_Newsroom

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