DCI Capital partners up with Unilab

DCI Capital is excited to announce the partnership with Unilab, the first zero-code platform for creating and managing smart contracts!

The Unilab platform is built to solve the cross-cutting concerns across the lifecycle of smart contract development, deployment and management for everyone.
Unilab offers no-code smart contracts that will empower the user to effortlessly build fully customizable, trusted and manageable smart contracts instantly!

Unilab has thoroughly studied the gaps and challenges faced by the crypto projects of today. The skills needed to build, develop, deploy and use Smart contracts are in short supply.
The tech skills gap is a huge challenge hindering global blockchain adoption. Because of that, businesses are unwilling to adopt blockchain because of how hard and complicated they believe it to be.

These are the upcoming contracts that we can expect from Unilab:

- Token Contract
Create an ERC-20 compatible token with support for fees, automatic rewards and more.

- Crowdsale Contract
Start your ICO / fundraising with just a few clicks.

- Vesting Contract
Securely store marketing or team tokens with an excessive amount of vesting policies

- NFT Contract
Create your own ERC-721 compatible token that can be used to distribute and sell NFTs

Unilab is ready to take blockchain adoption to the next level by making launching smart contracts easier than ever!

About the Partnership
DCI Capital is a highly active investor in the Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming and DeFi sector. We knew that Unilab was something special after we got in touch with the team. Their passion to make the world of blockchain accessible to everyone is incredible. By utilizing our experience and network, we will provide Unilab the support for them to achieve their goals and projectives!

Stay up to date with Unilab’s latest news!
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TG: https://t.me/DCI_Newsroom

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Dutch Crypto Investors

Dutch Crypto Investors

TG: https://t.me/DCI_Newsroom

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