When to expect a payout?

In previous blogs we have described how payouts are handled. Sometimes however we still receive some questions regarding when a payout is due. Here we will answer some of those questions.

Every six hours the webapp will start calculating what every voter is due. If a voter fits the following parameters, a payout is sent:

  1. Correct time in between payouts. If the frequency is set to weekly, at least 7 days in seconds minus 5 hours needs to have passed for a payout to be sent. The same rules apply for a daily or monthly payout.
  2. Correct payout amount needs to be built up. The current minima are: 2 ark for daily payouts, 0.1 ark for weekly, and no minimum for monthly payouts.

If for some reason a transaction is not transmitted, your payout is recalculated 6 hours later, and attempted to be transmitted then.

This means that for voters who received a delayed payout on sunday, their future payouts are also delivered on sunday. This has some advantages. Sending a lot of payouts in a short timeframe is CPU intensive and can burden the Ark network. Smoothing out our payouts over a the full seven days of a week can thus result in more reliability and less strain on the VPS. To illustrate:

Number of payments per day

The first graph shows the current situation of our payouts. The bulk of the payments occur on saturday and sunday. Most delegates pay out during these two days, so the Ark Network is especially unstable in the weekend. The second graph shows what we are working towards; slowly levelling out the payments over the week.

To make it clearer for our voters when to expect a payment, we are adding the option to display that in the webapp in one of the coming weeks. The other two main points of improvement are speeding up loading times by caching, and mapping slow database queries.

We hope that this answers your question when to expect a payout. If there are still things not clear to you, feel free to contact us any time.

Kind regards,

The Dutchdelegate team

#Mail: dutchdelegate@gmail.com
#Slack: @rudy, @charles, @rhmral
#Reddit: dutchdelegate

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