Ants as pets #01

Ants in your home? Most people would reject this. But many are fascinated. Let me tell you something about my hobby and hopefully inspire.

Everyone who has, by swarm intelligence, social sytems, war and economy in the animal world, palpitation, i can’t suggest you ants more.

Ants build citys and states. They have hierarchy and somtimes democracy. There are monarchy, oligarchy and some worker can choose a Queen.

There are ants which batten on other ants (-species), raid or wage against other states.

Ants have an economy. Every individual has an task. Regardless whether hunter, gatherer, midwife, soldiers or doorman. Many species cultivate “cows” (Plant lice), milk them and protecte them against “wolves” (Ladybugs), carry them in safety or on a new pasturage if the old plant dies.

Every ant feeds an other ant if she is hungry. So is the food, gathered from workers, shared from social stomach to hungry ant until the whole Nest is distributed.

They also communicate thru the social stomach. Some Queens release a Hormon wich suppresses worker. Every Time she gets food by here nursing worker she shares a little bit of these Hormons. The nurses get feed by other worker and share the hormons and so on. Until every worker has a little bit suppresant. So they “know” this colony has an well being Queen. If the Queen dies the suppreassant weakens until some Worker begin to lay eggs.

They aren´t full Queens, their eggs are unfertilzide and only males will hatch. But they hold the Colony together. For a while, until they die out, migrate or a mated Queen fights her Place.

It is fascinating that such an “simple” lifeform has an similar Systems to an complex, human like sociaty.

Of course they are a bit uncomforting if uncontrolled in our home. For example an break out. I don´t know to this day where my first colony went. Hopefully or sadly (i can´t decide) they got eaten by my Birds, which also destroyed the Nest.

I try to write down everything you need to know about catching and caring ants befor this years swarm flights start. If I got you excited about Ants I can recommand you the canadian YouTuber @AntsCanada.

You just have to be patient and creativ, if it comes to catching and nursing ants. I wish you luck. I and many others out there can help you if you have any Questions.

Just never stop asking.

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