Wandering Fortunes Table of Contents

Duth Olec
Duth Olec
May 15, 2017 · 2 min read
Cover art by Daimyo-Koikoi

They’re off to seek their fortune, off to jail, off to another planet, and he’s off his rocker if he thinks the princess will date him.

Everyone wants to belong, right? But everyone wants to stand out. That’s what friends Alden, Top, and Ropak are after when they leave their homes and set out on a journey to their planet’s capital. There they could be in company of the greats and show their own prowess. There they could show the world they’re really special, and find their place in the world. There be dragons, though, dragons in the form of a militarized mafia in control of a city.

Alden is a bookworm, a green scalago who has never been far from his family. He has spent his life reading about the big, far away world, but he never experienced it directly. Then his family’s life is turned askew when Top, a beach ball with a big heart and bigger teeth, jumped into their lives. Created by magic from a secretive tribe of mages, Top’s ridiculous, hyperactive attitude led them to send them away. Then when Ropak arrives, having left his close-knit, community-driven village of wrallots to find his place in the world, Alden becomes inspired to enter the world make a positive difference with his new friends. He’ll just have to work harder to balance Top’s negative difference from eating everything!

Through monsters in the alleys, a city that doesn’t want them, and a military owned by the mafia, Alden and his friends find that another planet my suit them better. However, there they get caught in an ancient rivalry and must wrestle dangerous decisions as emotions — and pizza — runs high.

“I’m a novel, you guys! Yeah! I’m totally in a novel! What’s a novel?” –Top


Part 1

Chapter 1: Guardian of Goofiness

Chapter 2: No Stranger Stranger

Chapter 3: Homed Out

Chapter 4: Off the Walls

Chapter 5: Wonder of Fortune

Chapter 6: Friends of a Feather

Chapter 7: The Obsidian City

Chapter 8: Employment Inefficiency

Chapter 9: No Hobo

Chapter 10: A Place for the Placeless

Chapter 11: Traveling Down Terrible Lane

Chapter 12: Unbalancing Act

Chapter 13: Testy Wills

Chapter 14: Top’s Tasty Turmoil

Chapter 15: For a Friend’s Benefit

Chapter 16: Conspiracy of Kindness

Chapter 17: Ride of the Domestic Device Drover, but I Guess There Are More Important Matters at Hand

Chapter 18: At Odds and Endings

Chapter 19: Homesickening

Chapter 20: To the Ends of Zhop


Part 2

Chapter 21: A Fresh Start

Chapter 22: The Pearl Kingdom

Chapter 23: Friends Don’t Let Friends Rot in a Basement

Chapter 24: I Love a Parade!

More to come…

Duth Olec

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Duth Olec

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