This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
Sunil Rajaraman

I live here, too, but do not work in “tech”, thank the Good Lord above. The lives, like this one, that people are living around me are completely empty and so sad. I think the final line about overlooking (or underlooking?) the fact that we daily live in paradise is key to understanding the mindset prevalent in Silicon Valley. Life is not about the next IPO, or the next app, or the next “disruption”. Life is about human connection, community, nature, and love, all of which are available if we can divert our eyes for even one solitary hour from our touch-screens. Which reminds me: Where was the “good night” to his wife and son in this story? Not even a peck on the cheek after switching off the Netflix session?

Emptiness. I can’t tick the “Recommend” heart.

I weep.

I look for my ticket out.

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