#RooshIsARapist: In His Own Words
Nora Reed

So I have no clue who Roosh is, I also Support Gamergate. I do know who Eron is. Firstly you’re claiming he was physically abusive. (I’m guessing from the vague court doccuments released of Zoe Claiming he grabbed her arm) Erons claim is he grabbed her arm on the occassion as Zoe was threatening to kill herself and he wouldn’t let her. I’m not here to say Eron is perfect though. I’m here to point out if even half of what he’s claimed is true you jsut tried to justify serious mental abuse against him. If it’s even half true that he nearly had two mental breakdowns due to Zoe trying to manipulate him and make him feel just paranoid while she cheated on him. The same Zoe who when there were on a break cheated on him and guilt tripped Eron because he made a female friend and was getting closer to her during the break.

If you want to believe everything Zoe has ever said. Then you’re protected someone potentially guilty of murder (in her own words she stabbed a guy through the eye and walked out before seeing if he lived).

People have come out who have interacted with Zoe in the past and said it always seems to go the same. Zoe ties to manipulte things then if she doesn’t win she tries to ruin the person. She nearly cost a female photographer most of her clients due to half truths. Who while you evangalise Zoe. Just remember this. It’s your own side giving her $3,000 a month to speak while it’s people in Gamergate that helped provide Eron with enough legal fund to try and regain his right to free speech.

I know this reply will likely get deleted or hidden. It’s what happens. It’s how staunch anti Gamergate people operate. Hell I don’t even think many in anti gamergate would have read even this far. However some might, some might see this and start asking questions. Looking and seeing if this is as it appears or if this is closer to be a less sophisticated but shockingly more effective Gone Girl.

You’ve demonstrated your free speech in this article by accusing people of criminal acts. The question is will you cry outrage now I’ve expressed mine here in the comments ?

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