Go Ahead and Ask

Throughout school and sports teachers and coaches are always encouraging their students / players to ask questions. Asking questions for me is something that has helped me a lot in my previous years of school. Growing up I was not a shy kid, however I liked to do things independently and on my own. It is not like I ignored all of my teachers and coaches, however I tended to just do what I thought was right or how I had been previously taught. It was not until middle school when I really started to question things and ask about different things. I realized that teachers tell their students to ask questions because they want to help them. Likewise coaches tell their players to ask questions to help them succeed in certain game situations.

In Middle school I gained lots of knowledge from asking questions. I learned the benefits from asking questions, which was usually the correct answer to the question I was asking. I will never forget in seventh grade when I was struggling in English class. My parents saw that I was struggling based off of my grade and made me go in for extra help. At first I was intimidated because it was going to be just my teacher and I. After going to extra help with Ms. Kopf I realized that she was there to help and support me. This gave me confidence to go into extra help with other teachers, which also benefitted me because I saw a huge increase in my grades.

Middle school was also the first year I played AAA hockey. This was a high jump for me because I had previously been playing on a team with weak competition and not the best coaching. My new coach had played in the NHL for about 10 years. There was no debate about whether my new coach knew a lot about the game or not. My coach’s name was Yvon Corriveau. “Ike” was a great coach and he helped me learn the game so much. Although he was a great coach and teacher of the game I would not have gotten the most out of my time playing for him if I did not ask questions and pick his brain. Whenever I needed help or did not understand part of the game plan he would always take time to go over it once or twice. Ike was my coach for about four years until I went to high school. Luckily this fall I was able to play for him again with my split season team. Ike has helped me grow as a hockey player and more importantly a young man.

Asking questions does not only help you find the answer, however it helps spark a conversation that may bring up other thoughts. After grade school, middle school, and now high school I have learned the importance of asking questions. Asking questions is vital to taking a class or playing a sport. I have learned that the more questions you ask the more knowledge you will gain about the subject at hand.

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