How to Stay Toned with no Time, Money, or Energy

If I were to look into your south-facing window (the one smeared with the dog’s nose art), I would see your serene oasis of all that is family life.

From today’s left over toys scattered all over the warm and inviting hardwood floor that you haven’t yet gotten around to mopping to the obnoxious stack of bills overflowing on the kitchen table still sticky with Puff’s residue.

Being a mom is AWESOME, but sometimes certain things don’t lend themselves to us mothers as generously as they once did. These certain things are most certainly time, money, and energy.

If there were ever a time for a hard-earned hashtag it would be now and it would be #momlife.

The mom-consensus is most assuredly that keeping a hot, sexy body has indeed taken a back seat to keeping well stocked on baby food and reading Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom 12 hundred thousand million times on a Thursday afternoon.

BUT your butt doesn’t have to suffer. We moms are resilient, so listen up. I’m going to share with you 5 tips on how to stay toned with no time, money, or energy.

NO need for a gym pass! NO need for dedicated exercise time! NO need for a 5-hour energy drink just to survive a workout. All you need is YOU and maybe a few things sitting around your house.

1.) Wake-Up Crunches

Oh come on, seriously! Yes, before ever exiting your luscious bed, do a few crunches. You will kick-start your muscles into energetic mode, and pump oxygen-filled blood to your heart. You won’t need a second alarm if you embrace this early morning routine.

  • Plan B — Little one woke up in a less-than-Sally-Sunshine mood this morning. You jump (fall) out of bed to retrieve your little darling. All together you have completed one raptured sit-up before getting up. Epic fail.
  • Enter Plan B. Play peek-a-boo in crunch position. One crunch — boo — two crunch — boo…you catch my drift. Little one will be happy. You will be accomplished.

2.) Use Your Furniture for Gym Equipment

This delightful little number focuses on your triceps while targeting those saggy places we tend to acquire with age. Sit on the edge of your bed (or a sturdy piece of furniture). Your feet should be on the floor with your hands placed on the bed at your sides. Glide your feet out from the bed. This action will lift your bottom up and away from the bed. Leaving your hands where they are, bend your arms and dip your bottom down towards the floor. It’s almost like a backward push-up. If you can do 10 on your first try then you are my hero!

3.) Lunge Around

You need to go to the basement to switch clothes from the washer to the dryer right? Try lunging your way there. You will look absolutely ridiculous, but in the long run your thighs and butt will thank you. In addition, lunging requires more energy than simply shuffling to the dryer, so once again your precious heart will get a rush of healthy oxygenated blood.

4.) Leg Lifts at the Sink

Maybe you have the greatest looking tush in the history of tushes, and if that’s the case you are one lucky gal! I’ll admit that I do have potential, but my tush is winning no gold medals as is. It takes a little work to get the pocket of my jeans looking foxy. So here’s your tip: Do leg lifts (out and to the back) while you brush your teeth. You will brush your teeth longer promoting healthy tooth and gums, plus your tush will get a work-out in the meantime. When I worked myself up to 100 leg lifts, I found my girlfriends complimenting my ba-donk-a-donk. Apparently, they noticed a difference, woot woot!

5.) Stretch Up, Up, Up

Being a yogi myself, I’m always trying to fit in as much yoga into my schedule as I can. This one may not tone your body as much as the other exercises, but it will undeniably help you. When hanging out with little ones all day we tend to bend and hunch over a lot. By the end of the day, our spines are compressed and compacted. To un-hunch yourself, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Your chest should be lifted as if you’re the proudest woman that ever lived. Reach your hands up towards the sky and just focus on reaching. Take a few deep breaths as you perform this, and allow your body to just unkink itself.

No time, no money, and no energy — NO PROBLEM.

You’ve got this you wonderful, beautiful, strong woman!