We harvest what we plant

It was a rainy day. Paul almost missed the car that was parked on the sideway.

It was raining too much and it was dark. Paul realized that the person inside the car needed help.

So he stopped his car and approached to the needing person.

The car was brand new. Inside, there was a lady that misunderstood the intentions of Paul, thinking of him as an opportunist, possibly a mugger.

Paul felt the lady’s insecurity, so he said: “I’m here to help you ma’am. Don’t worry”

Paul went down the car, placed the jack, lifted the car, and started changing the flat tire.

He got dirty from going underneath the car and injured his hands a little, in the process.

While Paul was placing the spare tire, the lady opened the window and started talking to him.

The lady told Paul that she was just passing by, and that she didn’t know how to thank him for his action.

Paul smiled as he stood up. The lady asked him: “how much I owe you.?”

She was imagining all of the bad things that could have happened to her if Paul didn’t stop to assist her.

Paul wasn’t thinking about the money. He’s the kind of person that that likes to help a person in need. That was he’s way of living. So he answered:

“If you want to pay me, next time you find a person that needs help, give that person the help he needs, and remember me”

Paul went his way, so did the lady

A few miles ahead the lady stopped at a restaurant. The waitress brought her a towel to dry the her hair. The waitress was kind and smiled while assisting the lady.

The lady noticed that the waitress was pregnant. She could tell from the size of the belly that the baby was going to be born soon. Even though the waitress was near the labor, the huge belly wasn’t affecting her humor.

The lady was overwhelmed by the waitress’s kindness towards a stranger. The waitress reminded her of Paul.

The lady finished her meal, and while the waitress was bringing her the change, the lady left the restaurant.

When the waitress went back, the lady was gone, and she noticed something written on the serviette. And on top of it, there were also $500.

The waitresses eyes were filled with tear as she read the note that said:

“You don’t owe me anything, I already have enough. A stranger helped me today and I’m helping you, just like the stranger did. If you want to pay me back, don’t kill this circle of love, help someone else”

That night the lady went back home and lied in bed. Her husband was already sleeping.

She was up, thinking about the money and the note that the lady left to her.

How can a complete stranger know how much her and her husband needed that money.?

The money was going to be spent with things for the baby that was going to be born the next month.

She wondered and wondered about that blessing, thanking God. She turned to her husband that was beside her, kissed him and whispered:

“Everything is going to be fine, I love you PAUL

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