Coding Reflection

I initially didn’t know what to expect from the class but I thought we were going to learn about cool forms of coding and how to design and code apps. In the end, I feel that I learned all of that and more. We learned HTML, CSS, and Javascript to code apps just as a basic foundation for web design. Really I realized that whatever amount of time and effort you put into coding, you will get that much out of it.

Being a Jr Dev is awesome, and I’m really looking forward to next year because our class will be full of people that are willing to work together and have fun doing it. Also being a Jr Dev is something I feel is valuable because we get to learn about coding at an early age and have a way to maybe have a future in software engineering and web development.

I really love coding in general because you can make whatever you want and there are plenty of useful tips and tricks that you can use to design your app. I thought it would be much harder but it turned out to be easy to learn.

Outside of this class, I plan to practice coding and maybe make a few apps if they just stick in my mind. Over the summer, I think I will practice flexbox and make a bunch of layouts that I can reuse for whatever app I want.

For people that are going into the intro, I would tell them to spend extra time at home practicing stuff, and to form groups that you will cooperate and work with well.