How To Get Rid Of Anger & Hate For Others

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Human beings are complex, yet easily influenced creatures. We learn from our families, culture, schooling, and the world at large everything we know. But much of what we think and feel is actually carried feelings and ideas that were forced on us. Sometimes what we are taught is useful, but other times it’s not and only hurts us and prevents us from attaining greater things in life. Negativity and hate of any kind does not serve us well. It’s a hindrance. We weren’t born with these beliefs. …

Increase Your Visibility and Writing Success

The Power of niche
The Power of niche

Starting your career as a writer can be a constant uphill battle. There are so many writing styles and industries to choose from that your efforts may produce very little results. Does this sound like you? Without guidance or strategy, it’s very hard to get noticed by the kind of people you want. But how do you “stick out” and get ahead of the pack? You do this by niching down. What is a niche? It is an area or topic of focus that you are very knowledgeable about (or can become).

The power…

How to Heal From Emotional Wounds and Move Forward

A Beautiful Red Rose
A Beautiful Red Rose
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Forgiveness does not

change the past, but it does

enlarge the future.”

~ Paul Boose

When a relationship ends or was never present in the first place it tends to leave you confused, hurt, angry, sad, or even numb. You may act inward and blame yourself for not being lovable, being good enough or trying hard enough. You may act outward and blame the whole thing on the other party and how they hurt you, didn’t see your value, or just didn’t care about you.

What you’re experiencing is a form of grief and one way to gain closure is…

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