Assignment 1 – Analyse Requirements

The project I have selected is the client band ‘The Pod Bay Doors’, they are a new 3 piece local rock band featuring Joe (Guitar), Jim (Bass) and James (Drums). They require a website design to help promote their music.

Summarising the Brief:

There main goals in the website are to help promote their music with a layout that is unique, different to other competitors and fun to interact with. They also require a design of a creative logo.

There interest in style is a full screen or scroll-able website but must also contain a Bio, Contact details, an Event Calendar, Photos and music player to listen to their songs. Social Media accounts will also need to be created to target audiences.

This website will most likely be targeted at like minded audiences who are interested in rock music/art and are between the ages of 18 and 45 years.

Technical Requirements for the website would feature a custom build solution that doesn’t require a large amount of database information as a Content Management System (CMS) requires. Specific requirements would involve HTML/PHP, CSS and some Javascript to embed Social Media platforms and dynamic content. FTP, PHP and MySQL would be a potential server side requirement.

Some potential competitors are:

Some design inspirations is from the websites listed above and:

I have decided to go with a Dynamic Horizontal slide/scroll with a seamless appearance that possibly is in the clients best interest for something different and fun to interact with.

Evaluating Social Media Options:

Integrating Social Media into a website has its benefits of reaching a bigger target and scope of audience that can express the result of inbound marketing. It can also promote a brand or product and give better means of an audience contacting you.

However it can also give an audience a means of expressing content on a website if by choice of display widgets. Have lesser intent if Social Media accounts are not used regularly and consume time with management of multiple accounts.

Websites that are showing a strong focus with integration with Social Media are:

  • The Mercury - The News sharing of featured articles and icons displayed.
  • The Offspring - The one of many artists/bands embedding widgets and players, including the sharing of blog posts and icons.

Some examples of websites that are not showing focus on integration with Social Media are:

The goal of this website with Social Media integration would be to embed widgets and media players using Javascript into the HTML pages and will be focusing on using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube/SoundCloud to feature their music and Bandsintown to display a list of upcoming live shows.

Design Sketches:

The main page will consist of a Navigation menu (Top right), Social Media Icons (Top left) linking the accounts mentioned above and an image background that will be fixed coexisting with the logo.

Sections two to five will be featuring a horizontal scroll that will transition with background images dynamically through CSS and Javascript as well as Social Media Integration with widgets. A Gallery that extends and contact form will also be included.