PowerSchool Plug-in

PowerSchool Plug-in provides a standard and reusable way of extending PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS).

Installing a plug-in does not require much technical skill. PowerSchool provides UI to let end users to do that.

A PowerSchool Plug-in can extend PowerSchool system in different ways:

  • A Single Sign on plugin can be deployed and the PowerSchool SIS will have a link in its UI navigation menu to link to a 3rd party application, which is specified in the plug-in.
  • An API Plug-in can be deployed and the PowerSchool SIS will have an API endpoint available for retrieving information.
  • An Plug-in with Power Query, which is defined in the plug-in by providing a set of SQL statement with input parameters, can enable the entities available in its Data Export Manager, so the data can be available to outside.

These features are essentials for classroom analytics solutions as they provides ways to get the data out from the SIS and also provide a way to integrate the SIS and Analytics Applications.

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