San Antonio Travel Locations

The family trip to San Antonio started with going to the Laguna Gloria a famous house in Austin Texas, we accidentally we got lost and went to the one on Hamilton Avenue. The Laguna Gloria was small but placid and a wonderful spot for sightseeing ladybird lake was located on the far end of the house my Grandmother was extremely excited as she is a photographer. So excited that she ran around like a child. One of the most interesting parts was actually a piece of artwork, it was over 2000 local coins, all welded to the floor, doing some quick math the range for the amount of money on the floor was from $20 to $1000.

Our next stop was Mad Mack’s burger located at 2933 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, the drive was extensive and rainy, though the food was exquisite, get ready to travel 110 miles to have a taste of Mad Macks scrumptious burgers.

In San Antonio we decided to visit some missions at the National Historic Park. We visited the San Jose mission located at 6701 San Jose dr. A beautiful site for picture taking.

Our next choice was the Witt Museum, it’s collection of historical artifacts ranged from the dinosaurs to the Indians, a new exhibit called Maya studied the culture and architecture of the Mayan people.

After was the restaurant at the tower of Americas a view at 750 feet is really breathtaking. The food was wonderful and the slow rotating platform that carried us around was nice and peaceful. It was breathtaking and I strongly recommend it to anyone who happens to have a couple hours in San Antonio

Good luck and safe travels!