Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

Have you ever wondered why dogs eat poop? Maybe you have a canine yourself and have seen this behavior up close, for humans this behavior seems disgusting, but to a dog, it’s normal. There is limited research into this field but some scientists say that some nutrients that a dog doesn’t have are found in the feces, others say that it’s a natural instinct. For example many years ago when dogs were still wolves, when there was no food, and the pack was starving, you couldn’t be too picky. Now that doesn’t mean that your dog is starving whenever they eat poop, they may be well fed but it’s hard to suppress thousands of years of natural instinct. We may ask why they eat it if it would taste so bad, but keep in mind that compared to a human, which has around 9000 taste buds, a dog only has 1700 so taste is limited. Feed your dog well, and don’t be too disgusted if your dog is eating its own feces or the feces of any animal.

The culprit.

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