A Day in the Life

I walk down a deserted road

As the sun shines bright above the trees

Casting a huge wave of warmth.

It doesn’t stay long.

The sky swallows the rays of light

Diminishing the warmth

Leaving only darkness.

A thick cloud of fog rolls in

Settling gently around me.

Feeling warm and secure

I bathe in it.

Blinded by the fog, I’m lost

Stumbling to find a way out.

Heart pounding, legs weakening

I’m filled with desperation.

I give up.

Lying on the ground, I wake up

With warm rays of light shining

From the sun above the trees.

The once lost road appears before my eyes.

I rise to my feet, soaking

In all of the energy from the sun’s rays.

But it doesn’t stay long.

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