Overcome Procrastination with This Little Change in Mindset

‘This isn’t going to work’… ‘I don’t see any results’…

I hear this all the time.

People start working on something, and quit when they don’t see short-term gains.

Next time they have to do something, they know beforehand they’re not going to see results right away. Their excuse is that they don’t like the task so much, or that it’s maybe not even going to work out in the end.

This mindset is the root of procrastination.

I have this quick little tip for you to overcome procrastination the easy way.

Overcome Procrastination with This Little Change in Mindset

Procrastination often starts with thinking about how it’s too much work, or how boring it is to work on something.

The best way to overcome procrastination is to stop thinking about the actual work you have to do.

You need to stop focusing on how you’re actually going to do the work. Simple as that.

So what do you need to focus on then?

You have to keep focusing on the outcome, the thing you really want.

Sit down for a minute (or day) and figure out what your goal is. The key here is that your goal is concrete and specific.

For example:

  • ‘I want to buy that little house near the beach so I can go surfing in the morning before work’
  • ‘I want to be able buy my kids a new car for their birthday’

Whatever your goal is, it should be concrete and specific. Just ‘money’ isn’t going to work out. You have to be able to visualize your reward.

Let say: ‘I want to have $40,000 to buy my family a new ____’

If you’re not specific enough about your end goal, you’re going to think more about the downsides of the work, which results in procrastination.

You need to start focusing on the reward, not the process.

Think about this: going to the gym. You’re not only going there because of the workout, you want end results. You want those guns before summer. Now that’s a concrete goal. You just get up every day, go to the gym and do what is needed to reach your goal. If you want it bad enough, you will put in the work.

Don’t go to the gym with the idea you’ve got to kill 1,5 hours of bicep curls and death lifting. Think about what reward you’re going to get when you put in the 1,5 hours every single day.

This principle is exactly the same in business. Stop thinking that the work you put in is going to be for nothing if it doesn’t work out. If you think like this you’re focusing on the process, which is what you shouldn’t be doing.

Nothing good is going to happen if you’re not putting in the work either, so how are you going to spend your time? You can decide to procrastinate and do nothing, or you can put in the work to reach your goal, your reward. You’ll figure it out.

But what if you’re truly unsure about whether or not your effort is going to bring you closer to your goal?

Just start putting in the work and you’ll notice what works and what doesn’t. The least effective way to find out what doesn’t work is to not doing anything at all.


And that’s it. To overcome procrastination, you need to figure out what your long-term goal is first.

Stop focusing on the process. Focusing on the reward is much more effective.

You have to stick to your schedule, only then you’ll reach your goal, your reward. Keep your end goal in mind and put in the work that is needed to get there.

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