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Week 6 edition of the DFF Fantasy 5 Spot brings you 5 games, and 5 takes from each team. Join us each week as we watch and break down the action from a dynasty perspective.

Philadelphia Eagles 28 vs. Carolina Panthers 23 — ShaneSays (@DFF_Shane)

Philadelphia Eagles

  1. With Aaron Rodgers presumably lost for the season due to a broken collarbone, Carson Wentz may be the best Quarterback in the NFC.
  • QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone. There’s a chance he could miss the rest of the season.
  • — Green Bay Packers (@packers) October 15, 2017

Calm down Cowboy fans, Dak Prescott in is that conversation as well. On just 30 attempts Wentz threw for 3 more touchdowns and went into to Sunday tied with Rodgers for most in the league with 13. Other than the mental maturation that Wentz has displayed this year the most significant addition to his game is the utilization of him as a runner. After running for 150 yards last season, he already has 133 yards in just six games this season. It can not be understated how valuable those extra rushing yards help bolster his fantasy and real-life NFL value. Watching Wentz develop is a beautiful thing as fantasy football owner, NFL fan and die-hard Eagles fan.

2. Zach Ertz is the best Tight end in football. His 27% target share is the most among Tight Ends and would rank in the top 10 for wide receivers. After being ignored as a scoring option the first four seasons of his career Ertz has already tied his career high in touchdowns with 4. The 6’5” Ertz is finally being used as a red-zone target, ranking 5th in the league with 8 targets in the red zone and 3rd with 4 touchdowns. On Ertz’s second touchdown Thursday night Wentz targeted Ertz at the goal line on a 20-yard strike without Ertz being particularly open. Wentz trusted that his big bodied athletic Tight end to would get inside leverage and also go up and get the ball. And that’s precisely what Ertz did. Best Tight end in the NFL.

3. Doug Pederson is a fan of rotating backs and using specific players for specific roles, but I want to see what LeGarrette Blount could do with 20 + carries. On Thursday Blount went for 67 yards on just 14 carries. I’ve said it before, but Blount looks quick, powerful and decisive and utterly crushes the soul of any defender that tries to tackle him one on one.

4. It was nice to see Mack Hollins again(before leaving the game due to a hamstring). On a night that saw Wentz complete passes to 8 different rreceiversHollins made the most of his targets. He was able to convert his 2 targets into 2 receptions for 38 yards. If you available roster space pick up this kid up and stash him. Consider this season his red-shirt, after primarily being a deep threat at UNC he’s showing he’s much more than that with the Eagles and learning his craft under Alshon Jeffery’s wing.

5. Buy low on Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery had 4 receptions for 55 yards and a touchdown. You can see Jeffery and Wentz are starting to get in synch with each other. A run of WR1 weeks is coming I promise you.

Carolina Panthers

  1. Cam Newton’s early season struggles seemed firmly planted in the past. Having not watched much game tape of Carolina this season I can’t say how well Newtown was taking to the plan to protect him by limiting his rushes. I can say this. Newton ran the ball tonight, and it seemed to elevate his overall game. I understand the want to protect Newton but taking his rushing ability as a threat seems like a poorly thought out idea. Newton did throw 3 picks, but he also put up 52 attempts while the Eagles D completely shut down the Panthers run game.
  2. Christian McCaffreyChristian McCaffrey does not look special to me. He has excellent hands, but I can count on one hand the number of times I saw him make someone miss. He went down on first contact on every play I saw him touch the ball. I’m ready to bail and sell high on McCaffery. If you only look at the box-score McCaffery had a hell of a game. 15–22 points depending on your scoring. Digging deeper or actually watching the game tells another story. McCaffery needed 15 targets to get those points; his rushing output was minimal 8 yards on 4 carries. How often can you expect to get a running back to see 15 targets in a game? Not many.
  3. Devin Funchess had an uneven performance. He made a beautiful catch on the sideline showing great awareness getting both his feet down. But partially due to Newtown’s inaccuracy and his own inability to bring in a couple of catchable passes ended the day converting just 3 of 9 targets for 36 yards. My untrained eye says that Funchess is at best a WR3 and that’s about all he’ll ever be.
  4. In what seems to be a theme for me this week I have to admit I was wrong about a player. I joined in on all the fat jokes about Kelvin Benjamin this off-season. I lazily bought into the usual narrative surrounding him, he drops too many passes and is an inefficient receiver. Lost in the jokes about his weight and general criticisms of his game the fantasy community lost sight of an important fact. Cam Newton trusts the 6’5” Benjamin without any hesitation. Thursday night saw Benjamin convert 9 of 13 targets for 99 yards. On plays where Cam wasn’t dumping the ball off to McCaffery, he consistently looked to Benjamin to make a play. Including critical 3rd down plays, behind the sticks for some reason, Benjamin was and is clearly Newtown’s favorite receiving option.
  5. Jonathan Stewart has had a nice NFL career. Based on what I saw on Thursday that career has 10 games to go. He has no burst, didn’t display any power and was completely shut down rushing for -8(that’s a negative) on 4 carries. The Eagles own the 2nd ranked run defense in the NFL, so that played a part in Stewart’s performance, but he still looked washed up to me.

New England Patriots 24 vs. New York Jets 17 — Randy Young (@DFFMemphis)

New England Patriots

  1. Brandin Cooks continues to look more and more comfortable with Tom Brady and offense in general. Cooks had a season-high nine targets and converted five of them into catches. His 93 yards was his second-best total of the 2017 season. The game was an unexpected dogfight with the Jets and Mo Claiborne, but Cooks looked sharp. The fact that he was held out of the end zone may be the only thing that will allow you to try and acquire him at a somewhat reasonable price.
  2. You do not hold Rob Gronkowski in check; you merely try to avoid getting embarrassed while playing against him. Gronk recorded his second 10 plus target game of the season. He also had his first multiple touchdown games of 2017. He has now recorded a score in three of five games played this year and had scored double-digit PPR points in four of those same five games. He is an amazing “buy” for contenders and an equally amazing “sell” for those in rebuild mode. He is 100% worth the cost for a team chasing a championship and is also worth a handsome price of rookie picks and young players for an owner looking to cash out their investment in Gronk.
  3. There is always an odd man out, and today it was Chris Hogan. Hogan’s one catch for 19 yards has to be a disappointment for owners that had become accustomed to the WR1 numbers he’s put up all year. There are going to be days like this in the New England offense, but don’t worry too much. Hogan was held to one catch in week 1 as well. He then went on a four-game run where he posted 22 catches for 280 yards and 5 TDs. Take cheap shot an over-reactionary owner with a short memory.
  4. Dion Lewis is looking good, and Mike Gillislee is looking like a man that might have lost his gig. We’ve all assumed that Gillislee was the goal line back, but Dion Lewis was the one that converted a one-yard run into a TD today. Lewis’ 11 rushes were only one more rush than Gillislee’s 10. The New England run games continue to be a hot mess for fantasy owners and one that we should all be avoiding where possible. Every one of the New England running backs is equally capable of putting up a monster game as well as a stinker. Good luck if you’re chasing one of these three, and soon to be four, running backs.
  5. Tom Brady never really kills you, even when it looks like he’s going to kill you. Brady’s 257 yards and two touchdowns with one interception isn’t great, but it won’t be the reason you lose your week either. The man is the GOAT and should be the number one fantasy QB the rest of 2017 now that Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone is as shattered as the hearts of his owners.

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