Los Angeles Rams. What can we expect in the future for this young roster?

Change comes upon you fast. One minute you’re the rudderless St. Louis Rams being “led” by Jeff Fisher and the next you’re the new “Showtime” in LA with the youngest Head Coach in NFL history in Sean McVay! In Dynasty football it seems we’re always weighing today’s value against tomorrow’s promise. So what’s in store for each NFL team moving forward the next two years (or even beyond)? That’s what we plan to answer, and today we discuss the Los Angeles Rams
 To Come: This isn’t your grandfather’s Ram’s kids. It’s out with the old and in with the new (literally). If for nothing else, McVay will bring a modern offensive scheme to the Rams organization that suffered under the tyranny of NFL head coaching dinosaur Jeff Fisher for far too long. The Rams had already invested a significant amount of draft capital in their offensive skill position players with multiple first round picks (three of four years between 2013–2016). While I am not the biggest Jared Goff fan, he was the first overall pick in the 2016 draft and if Gurley is getting a pass for last seasons dumpster fire then so should Goff. I am excited to see what type of impact McVay can have on Goff, Gurley and the rest of the offense this season.

The Team’s Response: They have invested further in their offensive by targeting upside rookies (Everett, Cupp, and Reynolds), acquiring veteran talent (Whitworth and Watkins) and bringing Wade Phillips in to implement his 3–4 defense that simplifies the duties and exploits the weapons on this roster. It’s a system that is adaptable, and one that his players have historically embraced. An improved defense should put the offense in more manageable game scripts from week to week.

Goff is now blessed with a core of young, ascending wide receiver talent in Sammy Watkins (24), Robert Woods (25), Cooper Kupp (24) and Josh Reynolds (22). Throw in athletic tight ends Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett, and you have the early makings of McVay’s offense in Washington. This is pure speculation but, if given the chance, Pharoh Cooper could be the player the previous regime envisioned Tavon Austin to be.

Dynasty Owners Proactive moves:

  1. Temperature check the Todd Gurley owner — they may still have a sour taste in their mouth Note: Price likely went up after Week 1 but something looked off with that oline. Makes him a HOLD for now.
  2. Buy Sammy Watkins — I have read countless pieces that said this trade was bad for Watkins value and I couldn’t disagree more. The Bills didn’t want him, and the Rams wouldn’t have traded for him if they didn’t expect to sign and feature him long term in their offense.
  3. Cut Tavon Austin — it’s more of a cathartic move than anything, but even McVay won’t be able to squeeze any consistent fantasy value out of Austin. Note: See Week 1
  4. Get yourself some Gerald Everett shares — if he’s Jordan Reed light that’s still a Top 10 tight end in this league

Originally published at dynastyfootballfactory.com on September 14, 2017.