The Best and Worst Day 2 Landing Spots

Zay Jones 37th overall pick, Buffalo Bills

Buffalo is a run first team, Sammy Watkins is the solidified #1 option here in the passing game, and I’m not sold on Tyrod Taylor as a passer. I was pretty excited to find out where Jones would land, and that excitement was zapped out of me pretty quick with this pick, one of the WORST landing spots to kick off day 2.

Curtis Samuel 40th overall pick, Carolina Panthers

I’m not sure what to make of this but combined with Christian McCaffery on day 1; I think that helps make this one of the BEST landing spots. They took a wide receiver that plays running back, then come back with a running back that plays wide receiver. The versatility of the Panthers attack can only help Samuel here, and he should get plenty of touches.

Dalvin Cook 41st overall pick, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings just signed Latavius Murray and still have an awful, terrible, atrocious offensive line. Cook can’t run if nobody is blocking for him and he can’t catch passes from a quarterback who is getting constantly pressured. The consensus rookie 1.01 a few months ago has fallen off a cliff here in one of the WORST landing spots imaginable.

Gerald Everett 44th overall pick, Los Angeles Rams

I was all aboard the Tyler Higbee hype train this off-season, but I’m jumping off at the next station. Everett is probably the guy to own in LA; coach Sean McVay has a history of making his tight ends into playmakers. They usually take a few seasons to develop, but once he gets the hang of the NFL level, under McVay, Everett landing in one of the BEST spots for tight ends.

Adam Shaheen 45th overall pick, Chicago Bears

Steeeerike 2. The Bears are failing at this whole drafting thing. They brought in Dion Sims, Zach Miller is a good NFL tight end if he can stay healthy, it wasn’t a position of need, and a small school product is going to need time to develop. I liked Shaheen this morning, but I don’t anymore after landing on one of the WORST landing spots of day 2.

Joe Mixon 48th overall pick, Cincinnati Bengals

Many people called this marriage from the day, and it is on of the BEST fits for several reasons. The Bengals administration doesn’t care about character concerns, Jeremy Hill is underwhelming, and Gio Bernard is hurt. Mixon has officially squeezed into rookie the RB1 conversation.

DeShone Kizer 52nd overall pick, Cleveland Browns

For real life football, I like the pick. Lots of experts had Kizer as the QB with the highest ceiling in this class, but he was also very raw and was going to take some development at the NFL level. For that reason, I think this was one of the WORST landing spots for him. What is he going to learn from Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler? He’s probably going to be forced into action early, and that can hurt his growth.

JuJu Smith-Schuster 62nd overall pick, Pittsburgh Steelers

I’m the self-appointed leader of the JuJu hate club and have been for a while; you can see me bash him here:

But I have to say, I like this landing spot and see it as one of the BEST of the day. He’s not going to be asked to be a #1 or even a #2, he’ll be able to come in a fill a #3 role here, and I think he can be productive in this offense. I can’t believe I just said that.

Alvin Kamara 67th overall pick, New Orleans Saints

I have no clue what the Saints are doing here. They have Mark Ingram already in place, they brought in Adrian Peterson, and all off-season indications from the team were that they were looking for an expanded role for sophomore running back Daniel Lasco. This is a very crowded backfield now, with no clearly defined roles for anybody. This entire group is in fade territory for me in dynasty and redraft and makes this one of the WORST landing spots for Kamara.

Cooper Kupp 69th overall pick, Los Angeles Rams

I feel like Kupp is a better version of Nelson Spruce who is already wasting away on the Rams depth chart. There is very little competition ahead of him, and he can have a route to immediate playing time, but this is still a very bad team. My initial thought was that this is a good landing spot, as they’ll be trailing a bunch and will need to throw more often… but, they were terrible last year and still finished dead last with only 14 passing touchdowns. This is one of the WORST spots Spruce could have landed.

Taywan Taylor 72nd overall pick, Tennessee Titans

It seems a little crowded in Tennessee at the moment, but with #5 overall pick Corey Davis and last years breakout wide receiver Rishard Matthews opposite him, Taylor might have a productive run out of the slot in this offense. The target volume (or lack thereof) might be an issue, but I like the role he’ll be placed in here and should have every chance to succeed in one of the BEST landings of day 2.

ArDarius Stewart 79th overall pick, New York Jets

This is on of the WORST spots of the day, for one main reason- who is going to throw him the ball? I like Josh McCown as a serviceable backup, but he, combined with Petty and Hackenberg, doesn’t instill much hope in me. And don’t the Jets already have a faster version of Stewart rotting away on the depth chart in Devin Smith?

Carlos Henderson 82nd overall pick, Denver Broncos

If this were four years ago with Peyton Manning still here, I’d feel better about it. As it stands with some combination of Trevor Siemian and/or Paxton Lynch at the helm with Demaryius Thomas and Emmanual Sanders well ahead of him on the depth chart this is another one of the WORST landing spots. Which, is unfortunate, I was hoping for a great landing spot him.

Chris Godwin 84th overall pick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Similar to Henderson above, Godwin has two incumbent starting wide outs ahead of him, and they’re both really good. The difference is this: looking at this draft, the Bucs are apparently looking to put tons of weapons around Jameis Winston, Which means we’ll probably see Godwin on the field alongside those two often making this one of the BEST spots for him playing on what seems to be an up-and-coming offensive unit.

Kareem Hunt 86th overall pick, Kansas City Chiefs

I hate puns, but here I go… The Toledo player is rocketing up my big board after this selection (see what I did there). He’s in a great spot in a great Andy Reid offense and should have no trouble supplanting Charcandrick West and Spencer Ware on the depth chart. He’s a do-it-all back, and this entire KC team looks like it’s going to be good in a few years. Might be one of the BEST landing spots in the entire draft.

Davis Webb 87th overall pick, New York Giants

Obviously, Eli Manning isn’t being replaced, but he will need to be eventually. Webb is in an ideal spot to learn for a couple of years, but many believe the Cal product has a higher ceiling than former teammate and last year’s #1 overall pick Jared Goff. If and when he gets the nod to take over, he’ll have an OBJ in his prime, Sterling Shepard and Even Engram making this one of the BEST spots for any quarterback to have landed.

D’Onta Foreman 89th overall pick, Houston Texans

Noooooooo. Ugh, this is possibly the WORST landing spot in the entire draft thus far. Just awful. Personally, it’s a double whammy for me, I have several Lamar Miller shares and was planning on taking Foreman very early in my rookie drafts. I have much more to say, but I’m too sad at this time to continue.

Kenny Golladay 96th overall pick, Detroit Lions

Kenny Golladay was a drafted a little bit earlier than most predicted. He’s was already moving up my rookie ranks, but now he’s well above where he, was a week ago. There is no reason he can’t supplant Marvin Jones within a year, or maybe earlier. His route running needs a little work, but I’ll take a piece of the Detroit passing attack making this one of the BEST landing spots in the draft.

Chad Williams 98th overall pick, Arizona Cardinals

He’s basically in the same boat as Golladay above. He was supposed to be taken late in this draft, but Williams’ projected slide was also due to off-the-field concerns. I’m a bit concerned about the Cardinals QB situation in the future, but Williams is now poised to slide into a top 3 receiver role, and maybe more once Larry Fitzgerald retires. He was a sleeper, but landing in one of the BEST spots will put him on everybody’s radar.

Jonnu Smith 100th overall pick, Tennessee Titans

Three offensive picks in a row made all of my pre-draft sleepers must own commodities. I planned on taking him later in most of my drafts, but after this pick, I bumped him way up- as crazy as it sounds- to a late first/early second round pick. According to this twitter poll, I was higher than most:

With the Tennessee Titans selecting TE Jonnu Smith in the 3rd round, how high would you draft him in dynasty rookie drafts?
— John Di Bari (@dibari22) April 29, 2017

That Titans’ offense is going to be a monster, and Delanie Walker will be 33 when the season starts making this one of the BEST spots for any tight end prospect.

C.J. Beathard 104th pick, San Francisco 49ers

This is about the best or worst spots for the player fantasy-wise. This pick is one of the worst picks in the entire draft. Period. It’s not even debatable, however, for Beathard this is the BEST spot for a player like him. He gets a chance to develop under Kyle Shanahan, and nobody in the world expects any out of him for at least two seasons.

James Conner 105th pick, Pittsburgh Steelers

This was interesting. Conner lands in a great spot, one of the BEST in the draft. Sure, he’s behind Le’Veon Bell, but Bell has a history of off-the-field issues and injury, and we’ve seen in the past, Bell’s backup can be a huge contributor for fantasy. Conner stays home and moves way up on people’s draft boards.

Amarah Darboh 106th pick, Seattle Seahawks

Aside from Doug Baldwin, are any of the Seahawks receivers more talented than Darboh? Kearse isn’t. Tyler Lockett probably isn’t and who knows what he’ll look like returning from a catastrophic leg injury. Paul Richardson might be the most talented player on the bench, but has been unable to stay healthy going back to his days in college. He’s probably not going to be a fantasy contributor from day 1, but I like his long-term prospects here, this is one of the BEST landing spots for the Michigan Wolverine.

Originally published at on April 29, 2017.