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The player movement suggestions contained in the Dynasty Stock Report is not an indictment of a player’s talent or skill set as much as it is designed to bring to light a player’s situation and how that situation can increase or decrease that player’s value both now and long term.

The Dynasty Stock Report

Here’s a look at my stock report for the 1st Week of July 2017.

Hold: Carlos Hyde

Why We’re Holding:

You can save a lot of time and just go back and read the previous “Dynasty Stock Report” on the Spencer Ware “Hold.” Do not let negative press reports in May or June make you crazy. Kyle Shanahan is the new head coach in San Francisco, and according to rumor, Hyde does not appear as his primary back. There are the additions of veteran Tin Hightower and rookies Joe Williams and Matt Breida.

Hyde is a considerably bigger man than most of the running backs that have had success under Shanahan. Backs like Steve Slayton, Alfred Morris, DeVontae Freeman and Tevin Coleman have all had success running the ball under Shanahan, but were all considerably smaller men than Hyde. Terrance West, while in Cleveland, has been the only running back to lead a Kyle Shanahan offense in rushing that was of similar size to Hyde.

Hyde is also the highest drafted of all the backs mentioned above by his second round selection in the 2014 draft class. He is a talented runner and has flashed the pass catching skills required to succeed in a Kyle Shanahan offense. Shanahan does tend to use two backs in his offense, but that does not mean that Hyde cannot be the lead back in his offense. You can find articles that say Hyde looks terrible in May OTAs. You can then find articles in June after mini camps that say Hyde looks great.

It is simply too early to make drastic decisions on Hyde’s future as we have no sample of Kyle Shanahan’s tendencies as a head coach or how Shanahan plans on distributing touches in the San Francisco backfield. We do know that running backs under Shanahan, as offensive coordinator, do have serious fantasy value. Hyde owners would be best suited to hold tight until we see the first few preseason games. Hyde owners should also remember that the 49ers have very little in the way of draft capital wrapped up in Williams or Breida.

Who’s Buying:

No one unless they’re paying retail.

What to Sell For:

The going retail on Hyde is a late rookie first in either 2017 or 2018 depending on which trade calculator you choose to use. Another option would be to ship Hyde to another team that is need of running back help, as long as they are willing to send a TE or WR of equal value back in return if additions in those areas make sense for your team. A wide receiver in the ADP range where one could get Hyde in dynasty start-ups would be Michael Crabtree, Jamison Crowder or DeVante Parker. Hyde and those receivers range in the 50’s according to May ADP data pulled from dynastyfootballfactory.com, a tight end in that range would be Greg Olsen or Hunter Henry.

Be Nice to all your potential business partners in trades out there. Remember the advice of legendary poker player Amarillo Slim, “You can shear a sheep a 100 times, but you can skin it only once.”

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Originally published at dynastyfootballfactory.com on July 5, 2017.